Zikit Uses Beacons To Push ‘Now Or Never’ Coupons

The Israel-based company also partnered with Estimote to give business owners comprehensive analytics to evaluate how their coupon campaigns are working.

Zikit, an Israel-based mobile app, is currently testing a beacon-powered method for revitalizing coupons for the digital age: Rather than counting on consumers to collect paper coupons — that often sit in a wallet until they expire — beacons will send Zikit users a coupon the moment they walk in the door and that will expire the moment they leave.

Zikit calls this the “Now or Never Shopping Experience,” something that the company believes will help consumers who are on the verge of making the purchase, but the need a final push to close the deal.

Zikit’s Idan Meir

Zikit was founded by Gil Elgrably and Idan Meir, and the pair, who are also developing several other beacon projects, have now partnered with Estimote, whose iBeacons have been helping the company focus on the biggest challenge it has faced thus far: accuracy.

“Since the technology is still new, we are aware of the accuracy challenges and we found it as the biggest one for us so far,” said Meir, who is now CEO of Zikit. “Although, we are happy to see the improvements that has been made by Estimote every few months.”

Estimote is known for its slim, sleek beacons and the large amount of utility they pack within them, namely its Location Intelligence Platform, which gives retailers a more comprehensive look at how their beacons are affecting in-store consumer behavior. This technology is put to use as Zikit looks to expand its offerings: Business owners will also receive full analytics through the Zikit app of which kinds of coupons are working the best and what sorts of conversion rates the coupons bring. Zikit claims that the analytics will also give insight into customer intent and shopping behavior.

Plenty of companies are experimenting with mobile couponing, as consumers increasingly turn to smartphones in store for everything from product research to mobile pay; key players in the space include companies like Wanderful Media, Macy’s, and RetailMeNot. But Zikit’s “Now or Never” approach focuses on the real-time aspect of shopping, aligning the strategy with Google’s recent push towards “micro-moments” as a way of using mobile to push people right when they’re on the verge of purchasing and ideally generating more sales as a result.

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