Zenput Adds Extra Layer Of Automation To Retailers’ Task Management Platform

A little reminder can go a long way. That’s especially true for store managers that are as on-the-go as their mobile customers.

Zenput's Vladik Rikhter
Zenput’s Vladik Rikhter

Mobile task organizer Zenput’s update to its software promises to make it a bit more simpler to align advertising and inventory management for retailers, restaurants, and consumer packaged goods marketers.

The company’s solution is aimed at connecting the marketing decisions large enterprises make at the national level down to the local store. As marketing moves down from national, to regional, and then to the individual outlet, companies find themselves in what Zenput describes as a “never-ending battle to keep all locations true to brand, well stocked, and running the most recent promotions.”

District managers, franchise directors, and other field associates are as “on-the-go” as many of their consumers. Therefore, a workforce that traditionally relied on manual processes or disconnected tactics to manage their data no longer makes sense.

“With the new Zenput enhancements, regional and district managers gain the ability to monitor project completion and retail execution across all chain-store locations, reducing time and extra labor for implementing an initiative to days rather than weeks or months,” a Zenput rep said.

The San Francisco company’s added automation functions allow retail staffers to take photos as part of verifying in-store campaigns to ensure “brand equity and consistent customer experiences across all stores,” the company says.

Everyone’s On-The-Go

“Zenput was able to assign tasks before, but now it’s able to auto-create a follow-up task for the right employee to complete whatever it is they assigned,” said Vladik Rikhter, Zenput’s CEO and co-founder. “Then, the specified group is notified once the job is complete. The main takeaway for local retailers is the ease of managing with the help of automation and then having the ability to report back to corporate. For example, if they need to report to corp. marketing on how many stores are all set on a certain promo.”

Brian Veasman, director of compliance for Brentwood, Tenn. gas station-focused convenience store chain MAPCO Express, said his company had tested several different solutions and apps for in-store operations. But he wasn’t aware of any with the ability to automatically follow up on incomplete projects until now.

“With Zenput’s new task-management functionality,” Veasman said, “we can track campaign completion across hundreds of locations and auto-generate tasks for individual district managers or groups of store employees to complete any unfinished work or address areas that need further attention.”

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