YP Looks Beyond Search With Brand Affinity-Based Display Format

The addition of ypDisplay is intended to help small businesses target the right audience at the right time, even when they're not necessarily looking.

YP's Darren Clark
YP’s Darren Clark

YP is continuing to round out its advertising offerings with the introduction of ypDisplay, a set of creative-focused tools which  is designed to help local businesses to generate brand awareness and “reach potential customers even when they aren’t searching for a business.” Read the release.

The new display format promises to put an emphasis on targeting image ads towards the customers who will be most affected by it, focusing mostly on the potential gains for SMBs.

The ad units will be available in two packages: ypDisplay Mobile and ypDisplay online and comes after the April rollout of the YP Audience Extension, which was built to clearly aimed at drawing a straight connection between desktop searches and real-time display ad targeting.

But where YP Audience Extension is aimed at national brands and agencies, ypDisplay is for YP’s SMB clients and is more of a complement to ypSearch, an  SEM service product that was released in February.

ypDisplay mobile will provide businesses with smartphone-friendly banners buttressed with geo-targeting and tracking data that will serve ads to the millions of monthly consumers who visit YP’s smartphone-based properties when they’re on-the-go. The ad units will also factor in data on consumers’ usage patterns and search history to personalize the ad experience for potential customers.

ypDisplay Online, while only focusing on desktop users, employs similar geo-data to monitor intent and demographic information of customers (anonymously, YP notes in its release) to keep track of users as they move from mobile to laptop to in-store.

“The proliferation of mobile apps and websites has changed how effectively local businesses can reach consumers,” said Darren Clark, YP’s CTO. “Local businesses have long relied on broad awareness-building tactics, and we are now giving them the ability to zero in on digital audiences that are right for their business.”

Zeroing in on the right digital audience will be the key to ypDisplay’s success. If YP’s new tools can truly help businesses get in touch with exactly the right audience regardless of where they are, they’ll be golden. The way the company presents ypDisplay in their press release suggests they’re aware of the importance of that interconnectivity.

As we’ve reported, the majority of consumers use multiple devices throughout the day. It’s no longer enough to market only to mobile users, or only to desktop users, the smartest use of resources is to market to individual users as they move between their various devices. Providing specialized branches of ypDisplay service for each type of device is a good move, keeping both those branches under the larger umbrella of ypDisplay is an even better one.

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