Yext Launches Integration With Amazon Alexa

As a result, businesses can now feed their digital knowledge directly to Alexa — a big step in an increasingly voice-first world.

Digital knowledge management specialist Yext has launched an integration with Amazon Alexa, allowing businesses to feed their digital knowledge directly to Alexa — thus giving them direct control over the answers that Alexa provides about them to users. [Full disclosure: Yext owns GeoMarketing. More details about that relationship here.]

The integration aims to make it easier for consumers using Alexa for voice search to get key facts about the businesses they’re looking for — locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more — straight from the source: the business itself. And it’s easy to see why brands might be eager to manage their information via the Alexa interface: By 2020, an estimated 50 percent of searches will be made via voice — and voice may well be consumers’ preferred shopping method within five years

“Until today, businesses had no way of sharing data like their phone number or hours of operation directly with Alexa,” says Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. “Now, Yext customers can be sure that the answers Alexa gives to questions about their business are based on authoritative, up-to-date information. Today’s announcement also benefits the end consumers who use Alexa, because they’ll receive accurate answers to their questions.”

The Voice-First Future

Essentially, as new ways to share news, shop, and more emerge through the voice interface, building a voice strategy today matters.

As Collin Holmes wrote previously for GeoMarketing, “local search [is] increasingly critical as consumers turn to their voice devices, and eventually their connected cars and appliances, to immediately find solutions, offers and services that are convenient and nearby. Brands must curate each of their location’s marketing and business listings accordingly to capitalize on this new channel to engage with customers.”

Having accurate and up-to-date listings and information across platforms is the key first step; Yext’s integration with Alexa looks to make it easier for marketers across the board to take it.

“The rise of voice assistants and AI have fundamentally changed the search landscape,” Ferrentino says. “Beyond matching keywords to content, voice assistants aim to provide factual, black-and-white answers to consumers when they ask. That means that instead of simply trying to ‘game the system’ in the hopes that Alexa or Siri will select you, companies must structure the facts about their brands and pipe those facts directly into the knowledge bases that these assistants use when they construct their answers. Today’s announcement makes that possible at scale.”

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