xAd And Oxfam Use Location Data To Help Raise Money For Poverty Stricken Communities

The two have previously worked together to raise emergency funding for the May 2015 Nepal earthquake.

While we mainly think of location data and proximity as a great way for marketers to help promote brands and products, this holiday season xAd will be turning their capabilities towards a more humanitarian goal by helping Oxfam America, an affiliate of Oxfam International that fights poverty and injustice in the United States, target consumers who are in prime position to donate to a worthy cause.

xAd’s technology will aid Oxfam America’s out-of-home advertising campaigns in three primary areas: shopping malls (where consumers will hopefully be in the gift-giving mood), grocery stores that sell relevant magazines (xAd does not name them in its press release), and transportation areas like bus shelters and airports.

“xAd is proud to give back to worthy organizations like Oxfam America to help people live better lives all around the world,” said Monica Ho, head of Marketing at xAd in a press statement. “By knowing where a person is, xAd understands a consumer’s current mindset. With real-time location data and technology, xAd can help Oxfam America identify and activate key audiences when they are most likely to give.”

xAd's Monica Ho
xAd’s Monica Ho

The partnership will be a part of Oxfam’s “Oxfam Unwrapped” campaign which seeks to promote charity during the holiday season. The program runs every year around the holidays, this year from November 21 to December 31, and will focus on key areas including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

“A gift from Oxfam’s Unwrapped catalog is one that helps a person or community in need,” said Stephanie Kurzina, vice president for development and communications at Oxfam America. “By giving something as simple as a pair of chickens, you are helping a person provide for his or her family with food; the gift of a water pump can help a community during times of drought or emergency. For ten years, people from around the world have given the gift of helping others during the holidays with Oxfam Unwrapped.”

The two companies have previously worked together when Oxfam International previously aided during the May 2015 earthquake in Nepal. xAd helped the organization raise over $10,000 in funding over the course of one week with strategic, location-based calls to donate.

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