With Two OOH Deals Under Its Belt, Gimbal Sets Its Sights Outdoors And Indoors

Digital OOH marketing offers a ‘revenue stream for an industry that unfortunately has been constricting in terms of margins,’ says Ray Rotolo.

Beacon and geofencing platform Gimbal has partnered recently with mobile billboard company Do It Outdoors (DIO) and transit advertising firm Vector Media to put Beacons on the road.

For DIO’s part, it will integrate Gimbal’s beacons with its mobile billboard units, along with a select other vehicles like Segways and a “brand ambassador team.” On Vector Media’s end, it will outfit 500 buses with Gimbal beacons that will engage both riders of the bus and mobile users who pass within 50 meters of the beacons’ range.

The partnerships represent a significant step forward for Gimbal into the realm of Out-of-Home marketing — a field that is fostering the growth of beacons in contextually relevant areas of consumers’ lives.

“To a consumer, it will feel less like an interruption and more like being rewarded with content that makes sense to their real-world environment and helps guide them into taking a beneficial action,” said Regis Maher, co-founder and president of Do It Outdoors in a press release.

Ray Rotolo, Gimbal SVP of OOH Assets, told us more about the dual partnerships, beacons, and Gimbal’s outdoor marketing strategy.

Geomarketing: How did the partnerships with DIO and Vector Media come about? Has Gimbal done any previous vehicle-based OOH deals?

Ray Rotolo: DIO and Vector Media were Gimbal’s first mobile OOH deals. DIO was very impressed with Gimbal’s secured beacon to enable their digital ownership and comprehensive proximity beacon network and app publisher eco system. They were very excited about creating a partnership with Gimbal and joining our eco-system.

How do these kinds of partnerships demonstrate the expanded use cases associated with beacons?

Ray Rotolo, Gimbal SVP of OOH Assets

Beacons can improve DIO’s traditional OOH advertising business significantly by delivering more targeted and personalized advertising services and providing an opportunity to measure their target audience data and their proximity based attribution through mobile.

Through the partnership with DIO, we can demonstrate new ways for brands and advertisers to engage with their customers at the right place at the right moment by connecting their mobile billboard ads with relevant mobile app experiences.

For example, delivering advertiser’s targeted offer or content through relevant apps when user see beacons in the advertiser’s mobile billboard ad or brand ambassador campaign could be a good use case example.

What is the significance of these deals? What’s the reach of the OOH networks you’re working with? 

DIO is the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company in the US and plan to deploy Gimbal beacons into more than 100 of their premium vehicles and brand ambassadors that run campaigns across all states for major brands.

This partnership is an entirely new product offering and revenue stream for an industry that unfortunately has been constricting in terms of margins. Whereas previously OOH could only leave someone with a mental impression, now they can physically have the customer take the ad with them, through the phone sighting the beacon and understanding the context of where that user was at the precise moment.

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