Why Geofeedia Is Moving More Directly Into The Location Ad Business

The geo-data monitor has long used its location listening tools to serve disparate industries such as law enforcement. But Geofeedia's steady progression towards marketing is becoming more complete in response to advertisers' rising demand for place-based insights.

Geofeedia has been gradually extending its location intelligence platform to social media marketers over the years, but with the debut of its first dedicated ads product, the company’s shift towards working with all industries from law enforcement to brands is set more deeply.

Dubbed Geofeedia Ads, the new product is essentially a location targeting tool to be used across social platforms. Additionally, the company was recently named a Twitter Standard Partner, and the micro-blog has emphasized the use of geo-tagged data to deliver more effective social ad targeting.

Native ad targeting in social media platforms is based on user profiles, which may not be up to date, and do not indicate where users spend their time or post content. Because 74 percent of posts do not include words marketers listen for and 6 percent do not include any text at all, it is not enough for marketers to only monitor hashtags and keywords; the inclusion of location significantly improves the value of social data. With Geofeedia Ads, advertisers are able to build audiences that realize significantly higher conversion rates from their campaigns based on consumers’ explicit tagging of locations.

An early test of Geofeedia Ads on Twitter for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes arts and bike-sharing in the city’s neighborhoods, helped it increase its number of newsletter subscriptions.

Geofeedia Ads also led to greater brand awareness for the organization and its programs, said Kären Haley, the group’s executive director.

“By using location-based data, we could target the right people at the right time, resulting in 65 percent higher impressions and 31 percent more engagements than past campaigns with traditional targeting,” Haley said.

“Geofeedia Ads enables marketers to target people who have attended certain events or visited specific stores, restaurants, hotels or cities with relevant ads,” R. J. Talyor, VP for Product Management at Chicago-based Geofeedia, said in a statement. “Once campaign goals are determined, the rest is easy with pre-populated segments in the Geofeedia platform or customized segments based on the exact locations that matter.”

Among the use cases Geofeedia says its new ads product can support:

  • Location-Based Social Advertising: Geofeedia enables advertisers to discover, build and advertise to audiences based on the richest location-based insights in the world. Now advertisers can manage full social campaigns directly from Geofeedia with the new application, Geofeedia Ads.
  • Event Marketing: Geofeedia is behind social media command centers at the largest events in the world. With social engagement tools, a complete analytics suite and a mobile app, event marketers can ensure attendee satisfaction and safety.
  • Brand Management & Market Research: Geofeedia powers the richest set of location-based insights to measure brand awareness, sentiment, and competitors for product launches, strategic planning or brand studies. With social analytics by location, heatmaps, and brand alerts, marketers can fully measure social to achieve their objectives.
  • Social Customer Service: Geofeedia fuels customer experience professionals to discover the 74 percent of social media posts in locations that don’t include an explicit brand mention. With location-based searching, image analysis, sentiment analysis and alerts, social customer service professionals can discover and resolve even more customer service opportunities.
  • Content Marketing: Geofeedia makes it easy to discover and get approval for user-generated content in any location in the world. Search, curate, store and share the best set of imagery from your fans by using the power of Geofeedia.

Five-year-old Geofeedia has sought to respond to wider demand for location targeting and insights from marketers, particularly when it comes to capturing a deeper understanding of social media.

Last September, it introduced GeoFeedia Live, expanding the data and insights of its existing platform to better help brands search and analyze real-time social media content by location. As a result, it’s been striking deals with high-profile marketers like Dell’s digital business unit, following a $17 million funding in February.

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