White Castle Gets A Quarter Of Its Foot Traffic After 10PM

Meanwhile, Qdoba Grill has few options for late-night dining, and therefore sees a mere 4 percent of its visits after that time, Foursquare stats show.

McDonald’s dominates breakfast, when it comes to late night dining visits, White Castle is the king, according to Foursquare stats.

As part of the location discovery and analytics platform’s look into consumers’ late-night eating trends, Foursquare found that McDonald’s, despite its near-ubiquitous franchises, is in the middle of the pack when it comes to foot traffic at quick serve restaurants between the hours of 10PM and 4am. Chains like Jack In The Box and Taco Bell also retain a strong attraction to consumers during those hours.

It’s important to note that Foursquare is looking at what percentage of that chain’s visits occur between 10pm-4am, rather than which outlets get the total largest number of late night visits — which would skew based on chain size, a Foursquare rep says.

Foursquare Man in the White CastleThe findings are based Foursquare’s analysis of foot traffic data from its city guide app and Swarm check-in app to measure visits and check-ins to the top 20 restaurants listed by QSR Magazine in the QSR 50 (excluding any chains that do not have more than 10 percent of their locations open past 10pm.) More details in the company’s blog post here.

Taking A Late Bite Out Of The Competition

The bottom line: apart from being located where significant numbers of young people are — such as in proximity to colleges — being known for operating the late shift is enough to bring in foot traffic, Foursquare’s analytics of foot traffic shows.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for brands to win over consumers during late-night hours, which is why we analyzed Foursquare and Swarm data to determine how much foot traffic leading QSR chains see,” Steven Rosenblatt, Foursquare’s president tells GeoMarketing. “It’s interesting to see brands like White Castle lure nearly a quarter of its total foot traffic after 10pm, while Qdoba, which has fewer locations open late, attracts less than 4 percent of its total foot traffic during that window of time.”

“Additionally — if these brands are looking to take a bite out of their competition, they should note which QSRs are successfully attracting large amounts of late-night foot traffic and make sure they have competitive offerings,” Rosenblatt adds.

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