What Millennial Moms Want For Mother’s Day

Gen X women still account for the largest share of moms raising kids, but Millennial moms' ranks are quickly rising — and they're expecting more than flowers and breakfast in bed, says Hitwise.

Although there’s been an incremental increase in Mother’s Day-related searches since mid-April, roughly 70 percent of Mother’s Day-related online activity is occuring now, the last week before the holiday, according to audience analytics provider Hitwise.

The search queries that Hitwise has been monitoring have shown a major distinctions in how the holiday gifts are likely to trend this year, thanks in large part to the growing population of Millennial moms.

Even though Gen X moms remain a larger cohort, Millennial parents are having an impact in what counts as a proper Mother’s Day gift in 2016, says says John Fetto, senior analyst at Connexity-owned Hitwise.

“We’re looking at 18- to 34-year-olds, which is how we define Millennial moms,” Fetto told GeoMarketing. “Hitwise looked at the kinds of searches these moms are making to see what’s driving in traffic in key industries, and we found a lot of activity around lifestyle and health and fitness.”

In other words, for younger moms, Mother’s Day gift-givers might want to skip breakfast in bed. Even flowers seem to be of less interest to newer mothers, Hitwise found.

What Millennial Moms Want For Mother’s Day

Among the primary themes that struck Hitwise about Millennial moms for this holiday:

Gift ideas to help Millennial moms stay fit: Buying a mom of any age a standard gym membership may be interpreted in the wrong way and land the gift-giver in hot water. These fitness-related ideas catered to Millennial moms’ interests are a much safer bet. Searches for ClassPass, CrossFit, and Vinyasa Yoga have been trending Fetto says, noting that “Millennials are rarely content with the standard anything; they want something special. Consider buying a few classes from a Vinyasa yoga studio since Millennial moms are three times more likely to search for information on this specific style of yoga than the average woman.”

Millennial Moms Are Local

Maybe it’s because they’re not too used to the rituals of celebrating Mother’s Day for themselves, but when it comes to local searches, Millennial moms appear to take the holiday as just another day in their lives. Hitwise’s ranking of “near me” related searched conducted by Millennial moms showed:

  1. Restaurants near me
  2. Walmart near me
  3. Pizza near me
  4. Food near me
  5. Chinese food near me
  6. Pizza hut near me
  7. Hotels near me
  8. Delivery near me
  9. Movie theaters near me
  10. Lowe’s near me

Compared with all women, the below searches are among those that are most heavily skewed towards Millennial moms:

  • Free things to do near me
  • Bicycle repair near me
  • Cat groomer near me
  • Garage sales near me today
  • Parks near me with playground
  • Dog adoption near me
  • Auto detailing near me
  • Car dealership near me
  • Buffet restaurants near me
  • Skating rink near me


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