Vistar Media Brings On VP, National Sales To Grow Company Across Country

Patrick Pleiss plans to help double the company’s size by end of year.

Vistar Media's Patrick Pleiss
Vistar Media’s Patrick Pleiss

Location-based ad tech company Vistar Media has ambitious plans for the rest of 2015, and has brought on Patrick Pleiss as VP, National Sales to help fulfill them.

The company is aiming to double its size over the course of the year, Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder says, going from 18 employees, where it left off at the close of 2014, to 36 by the end of Q4 2015. The media ad-serving platform, which specializes in mobile and out-of-home advertising, is based in New York.

With Pleiss’ help, Provenzano says the company is currently looking to beef up its presence in Chicago and L.A. “We have 10 hires coming up in sales support, ad ops delivery, and feet on the street,” says Pleiss, who is the first person to wear the badge of VP, National Sales at Vistar.

Provenzano says that until now the startup had only “junior sellers,” and that Pleiss brings in a much-needed “layer of excellence,” as the company looks to expand its presence geographically and generate sales of its offerings. For four years and change, until his start at Vistar three weeks ago, Pleiss held the role of Director, East Coast at search retargeting company Magnetic.

Provenzano says he was impressed with Pleiss’ work there, particularly when it came to the area of building out the company geographically.

During his time at Magnetic, Pleiss says he opened all their US-based offices, as well as their European presence in London and Germany and presence in all of Latin America.

What impressed Pleiss about Vistar, was the clear ROI of the ad platform, and the sense that location data is becoming increasingly paramount. Without it, Pleiss says, advertisers are at a disadvantage. “ By using location data you can make better decisions,” Pleiss says. “It’s clear that if you don’t have enough data you can’t run a campaign at scale and you won’t get [the best] results. Now we can have proof in performance; it’s not just talking about a dream or making a guess. [Location data] makes logical sense and is showing from a performance standpoint.”

Once staffing in Chicago and L.A is completed, Pleiss says Vistar Media will likely look to hire in Atlanta and Boston in 2016.