Vistaprint’s New Local Listings Tool Aimed At SMB Digital Presence Management

‘It’s imperative for small businesses to have a powerful online footprint, especially in an increasingly mobile world,’ said Vistaprint’s Scott Bowen.

Marketing materials provider Vistaprint has launched Local Listings, a directory product aimed at helping SMBs enhance their digital presence and, subsequently, get discovered by more users online.

Vistaprint’s Scott Bowen

Based on beta trials, Vistaprint reports that business with a local listings profile — in other words, are accurately listed in more locations where customers are looking online — see 62 percent more pageviews on their sites than those with a website only.

Essentially, the new Local Listings tool is a reimaging of Vistaprint’s previous local search offering. The change underscores the growing importance of digital presence management, as consumers increasingly discover and research businesses on desktop or mobile before transitioning offline and visiting the physical location. As such, brands that prioritize having accurate location data across sites and platforms are more likely to be found — and to draw new customers in-store.

“It’s imperative for small businesses to have a powerful online footprint, especially in a digital world that’s becoming increasingly mobile,” said Scott Bowen, VP and GM Digital Services at Vistaprint. “If businesses aren’t listed in a wide variety of locations online, they risk going unnoticed by fast-moving and mobile-first consumers, which ultimately has a major impact on the bottom line. Businesses, and small businesses especially, now operate in an environment where being the first to reach a potential consumer makes a huge difference when it comes to where that customer ultimately chooses to spend his or her money.”

Local Listings is available for $10 per month after a one month free trial period, and while SMBs have a variety of listings options, Bowen believes that additional features designed to enable business owners to view and monitor their listing footprint will help the product to stand out. Tools include:

  • An option for business owners to see what their listing footprint looks like prior to signing up for Local Listings
  • Extended data to feature a business’s industry, summary, and location map
  • Real-time Yelp review monitoring
  • Unlimited listing updates and tracking within the Local Listings dashboard
  • Site traffic attribution for Vistaprint website customers

“Business owners who are pressed for time can stay on top of their online presence in one place,” Bowen said. “The solution also offers unlimited listing updates and tracking within the dashboard, and those who also have their website with Vistaprint can see the traffic coming to them from listing directories.”

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