UberRUSH Opens Same-Day Delivery To Nordstrom, Others

Orders placed through Google Express will be picked up by the ride-hailing app’s couriers.

UberRUSH, the on-demand driver app’s same-day delivery service, has signed up a series of high profile partners including Nordstrom, T-Mobile, and Google Express, among others — who will all use Uber’s API to manage their drivers and couriers for day-of delivery.

The move expands UberRUSH’s partnerships from mostly smaller businesses as it was being tested in New York City, to the world of big name brands and retailers in a variety of cities.UberRUSH Nordstrom

Around the same time that UberRUSH came into existence, Uber began allowing other brands and apps to integrate with its API, essentially giving the option for an “Uber button” in any app that wanted to have it. Google Maps users could find their destinations, tap a button and call an Uber car instantly. OpenTable users could pull up their reservation, tap a button and be whisked away to their dinner. A month ago, Uber partnered with Facebook to have an Uber button in the Messenger app, making planning outings with friends and meeting up with them as easy as pressing a button.

Now, this new partnership aims to make things even simpler.

“You don’t have to be an Uber user. You don’t have to have an Uber app. Any business can use it,” Calvin Lee, a product manager with the UberRush team, told Mashable. “The point of the offering is that we can reach a lot of different customers.”

While their earlier SMB offerings with UberRUSH made them a direct competitor with other startups like PostMates, this new venture is easily the biggest step Uber has taken away from their traditional ridesharing model, and it establishes them as a more well-rounded, location and mapping focused company, rather than just a cab service. “We are taking a lot of large strides forward in terms of working with businesses and understanding what their needs are,” Lee said. “Traditionally we’ve been a consumer focused company… Here, we are building a product specifically for businesses.”

The biggest surprise of the announcement, however, is the fact that Google’s own same-day delivery service, Google Express, will be using UberRUSH. GeekWire confirms through a Google spokesperson that Google will continue to handle merchant integration, pricing, sorting, and pretty much everything else — but the actual deliveries will be handled By UberRUSH couriers.

While Amazon has mostly dominated the same-day delivery game so far, Uber’s open API may democratize the market enough that we’ll see retailers and brands of all sizes getting in on the action. Uber describes the integration process as incredibly simple. Just add a few lines of code, and UberRUSH can be easily integrated with any digital product.

“We’re going to be fast, we’re going to be affordable, we’re going to be simple and easy to use,” Lee said.

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