U.S. Bank, BlueSoho Launch Location-based App With Content Marketing Features

The app is part of an effort to personalize the bank’s image and connect it to its customers’ digital and physical experiences.

US Bank's 'Your Community' App
US Bank’s ‘Your Community’ App

U.S. Bank is launching its geo-location based app Your Community, developed in partnership with BlueSoho, in an effort to better meet its consumers’ demand for more expansive mobile services.

Originally, the app was exclusive to the Santana Row area of San Jose, California, but is now being rolled out for the entire country. App downloads will remain free for Android and iOS devices and will a range of content marketing featuring local events, promotional offers, financial education tips, and noteworthy community news.

“We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to connect with our customers through their mobile devices,” said Dominic Venturo, U.S. Bank’s chief innovation officer. “Your Community also allows our business clients to make offers available to individuals near the merchants’ locations. We encourage everybody to download the app and check out all the offers and helpful financial tips.”

In creating this app, BlueSoho wanted to focus on how to connect the bank’s online experience to the offline one. John Puterbaugh, BlueSoho’s managing partner/chief digital officer, told Geomarketing:

“There are two primary drivers to bridging the online and offline experience. The first is relevance. Increasingly, apps that are used regularly and ones that deliver a great customer experience have utility, relevance, and ease of use. Typically, most banking apps seem very impersonal and somewhat detached even though they hold the keys to our personal security, livelihood and future potential. The idea originated when we were discussing a number of U.S. Bank local initiatives and sponsorships such as a marathon in Orange County or a new branch in San Francisco. Learning more about a marathon in Orange County is most likely not relevant to someone in Boston.

The second is context awareness. Increasingly, retail apps are changing their behavior depending on whether someone is in a store or not. Consumers are coming to expect different experiences and features depending on what “mode” they are in, e.g., pre-shopping at home, wayfaring / navigating their way to somewhere, being in-store and shopping …. i.e. require some sort of context awareness on the part of the app.”

BlueSoho’s John Puterbaugh

Those two drivers were put into place to create an app that aims to drive physical interaction with U.S. Bank in the growing digital medium. Through the launch of Your Community, BlueSoho and U.S. Bank want to contribute to the growing “blurring of offline and online,” according to Puterbaugh.

“When I use my phone to interact with brand touchpoints, where I am and the time a day become critical factors in the resulting experience,” said Puterbaugh. “When we know more about the customer and where they are, we can provide a much more tailored, relevant digital experience that is entirely determined by location and time of day.”

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