Twitter Taps Localytics For App Analytics That Show Receptive Consumers

As the microblog looks to attract major brands and retailers, proving it can find interested shoppers is the goal.

App data provider Localytics has been added to Twitter’s platform-based Partner Program to determine whether its advertisers’ ads have influenced consumers’ decision to buy their products.

Localytics calls its measurement a “true value” of a customer, because it promises to look beyond clickthroughs and other typical engagement metrics. The three-year-old company looks at a range of behaviors and consumer attributes while a person is using an app. Localytics platform can be used to send messages to users while they’re in an app, or a follow-up via email. It then sees if a consumer responded with that message in some way — such as seeking out more info or actually making a purchase

Over time, thanks to the data its collected about users’ reactions and locations, its likely that Twitter will be able to retarget its app users thanks to its recent acquisition of TellApart, which was a pioneer in resending ads to online consumers based on their previous interactions with a marketing message.

In addition to rounding its Partner Program, which includes Google’s DoubleClick conversion reporting mechanisms and analytics, Twitter’s deal with Localytics could help it better compete with rival Facebook on driving online-to-offline purchases.

On that point, Localytics says it will become the first “lifecycle engagement” platform to be a Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner, an initiative to allows marketers using Twitter campaigns to have a better understanding of how their campaigns are performing.

Localytics' Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Suthoff
Localytics’ Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Suthoff

For example, if a marketer’s campaign contains a specific call-to-action for an in-store campaign,

It’s about “top of the funnel marketing,” Localytics’ rep said — implying that the Twitter ads it will be supporting are aimed at consumers who are in the exploring/awareness phase of their shopping mindset.

“With more than 300 million monthly visitors, Twitter offers massive reach and targeting opportunities for mobile marketers,” said Brian Suthoff, chief strategy officer at Localytics. “This partnership will help organizations take advantage of that opportunity by giving them the best insights for acquiring high value users and the most powerful engagement tools for turning more of their installs into frequent and loyal users, all in one platform.”

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