Turkey’s Retail And Banking Sectors Move Beyond Beacon Experiments

As an early partner in Google’s Internet of Things-focused Physical Web project, Blesh CEO Devrim Sonmez is now looking beyond the company’s home country.

Blesh, a beacon provider based in Turkey (with a second office in Palo Alto), currently has 10,000 beacons deployed in its home country. Beacons are a global technology and Blesh is just one of many companies leading the charge in other countries.

With the release of Google’s Eddystone beacon platform, which has succeeded its previous UriBeacon format, Devrim Sonmez, Blesh CEO notes that the company is already involved in supporting the search giant’s Internet of Things-based Physical Web program in 35 countries.

GeoMarketing: What does the current beacon situation look like in Turkey?

Blesh CEO Devrim Somnez

Devrim Sonmez: Retail and banking sectors have the most interest in the technology, and they have already been moving out of the testing phase to use beacon technology to its full capacity. We have been working with Denizbank since last year and after starting off with the Hands-Free Payment project, we have moved on to deploying beacons to its branches and ATMs this year. We have also been working Garanti Bank and its globally renowned mobile banking app, iGaranti.

Two of the top retail companies we work with already have more than 100 beacons in many of their stores. Shopping malls have been embracing the technology from the start and they are especially interested in seeing the analytics and the heat-maps. Our beacons are placed at more than 100 malls now.

Logistics and production sectors also have been showing some interest lately. Municipalities are interested for a better, contextual service and payment systems regarding public transportation.

Blesh currently has the largest beacon network in Turkey, with more than 10,000 beacons installed in 49 cities.

What are Blesh’s other expansion plans involving beacon technology?

Growing both in Turkey and globally, Blesh aims to become one of the main actors that lead the micro-location based marketing landscape. We are working hard at developing our technology following every development in the IoT world very closely.

We have two offices, one in Istanbul where our business operations are based and another one in Palo Alto. We are planning to expand our growth globally by reaching more developers around the world and through partnerships particularly with companies based in US and Europe.

We were the first company in the world to take part in the Physical Web project, led by Google, by providing the first Physical Web beacons for sale. The Physical Web project signaled a new era for the beacon ecosystem by introducing beacons that can work without the need of a mobile app. We have sold the PW devices to 35 countries since December 2014 reaching thousands of developers.

The second phase in that project came in July with Eddystone, a new beacon format that was officially introduced by Google. Blesh is one of the 7 companies in the world that provides the format to every developer in the world.

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