TravelTab Taps HERE As Its Mapping And Navigation Provider

It's about improving navigation and place-based discovery at the same time, said TravelTab VP Mark Novak.

TravelTab, a provider of GPS and related services for travelers, has partnered with HERE to power navigation and mapping capabilities for its new “travel companion devices” that will be available to car rental customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico — a move that underscores the continued value of location and mapping data across industries.

“A big requirement for us is to ensure our products draw on high quality mapping and navigation and we are pleased to be working with HERE on that front,” said Mark Novak, VP & General Manager at TravelTab, in a statement. “In particular, we have been keen to take advantage of HERE Mobile SDK for its offline navigation capabilities, extensive database of points of interest and the ability to tailor the look and feel of the navigation experience to our specific requirements and device form factors.”

On HERE’s side, the team up follows the company’s move last month to bring in its co-owner BMW as the first automaker member of its Location Platform. As we wrote at the time, that alliance is part of BMW’s plans to add more geo-data based connected services — something it appears that TravelTab is also seeking as it refines its mapped recommendation offerings.

Why? Quite simply, the way that customers discover both directions and physical places has changed to revolve significantly around interactive mapping: Google Maps helps users find hotels or eateries along a road-trip route; customers increasingly make “near me” searches and received mapped results in return.

Novak said as much. “Customers renting a car [started] asking not only how they should get around, but seeking recommendations on places to eat, where to stay, where they can buy attraction and tour tickets, where they can access Wi-Fi and so on,” he concluded. “We created TravelTab to be a travel companion that… answers those questions.”

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