Think With Google: People Have 2X More Brand Interactions On Mobile Than Anywhere Else

In the 'age of assistance,' consumers are turning to their mobile devices for help more often — via both text and voice.

Customers have 2X more brand interactions on mobile than via all other mediums, according to new research from Think With Google — which serves to remind marketers that mobile is still the “first screen,” and that they must consider all the ways in which consumers interact with their mobile devices today, from text to voice.

As consumers have become fully accustomed to doing everything on mobile, from chatting with a store associate to making a purchase, “people have higher expectations for the experiences they have with brands on their phones,” Google’s Jason Spiro writes in a blog post. “Every time a consumer has an awesome experience with a brand, it raises the bar for what she expects from everyone else. But when that bar isn’t met, it can have serious effects on your brand.”

The Age Of Assistance

As we wrote recently, consumers have come to rely on their mobile devices as their informed “assistants” in almost every area — which isn’t surprising in a day and age where mobile devices come equipped with voice-based intelligent assistants like Siri.

As Google President of the Americas Allan Thygesen put it, now, “when we want something, we expect our phone to tell us where the product is being sold at a store nearby, and even tell us if it’s in stock this very moment. And when we are ready to transact, we expect it to be frictionless and fast.”

This is something for brands to keep in mind, as TWG’s report finds that lags in mobile response time are lethal; and when people have this negative experience on mobile, they are reportedly over 60 percent less likely to purchase from that brand in the future.

But in addition to quick, seamless responsiveness — which is essentially table stakes at this point — brands need to think about how (or if) they’re getting discovered on mobile, particularly in voice searches and via these intelligent assistants. After all, the time to win customers over is at the exact moment they ask for help.

Don’t believe that “help” and “assistance” rank among consumers’ top priorities? Interactions with brands described as “helpful” are 1.5X as likely to lead consumers not only to recommend a brand — but to convert and make an actual purchase.

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