The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

This week was all about location, location, location — from geo-targeted ads upping foot traffic by 74 percent to Placed's David Shim calling location-based optimization the "SEO of 2016." Take it in!

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. Stores That Use Location-Powered Ads See 74 Percent Lift In Foot Traffic…

… But that’s not necessarily enough to spur the wider use of proximity marketing, says Mindshare.

4. Amazon’s ‘400’ Brick-And-Mortar Bookstores — Or Could It Be Four? — Reflects All Retailers’ Omnichannel Ambitions

Amazon Books

Though its massive physical rollout is pretty much debunked by now, the e-tailer’s move from clicks-to-bricks is assured.

3. Nearly Three-Quarters Of U.S. Franchisees Use Digital Marketing Services

“Franchisees are not only testing the waters with these new formats, they are reporting good returns on their investments,” said Celine Matthiessen, VP, analytics and insights for BIA/Kelsey, whose report, Advertising and Marketing Trends of Franchisees, is the latest in a series based on data from the researcher’s ongoing Local Commerce Monitor Wave 19 survey of small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Placed Connects In-Store Attribution To Out-Of-Home

People In Front Of Shopping Mall

After creating a Cross Device Marketplace to measure mobile-to-desktop conversions, David Shim wants to show how digital billboards can lift retail foot traffic as well.

1. Placed’s Shim: Location-Based Optimization Is The ‘SEO of 2016’

If there is a single focus this year, Shim said that it all falls under the idea of “location-based optimization.” The term, Shim said, is meant to get advertisers and the platform companies that serve them to recognize the need to rank performance for how well marketing providers able to drive actual business to a specific place.


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