The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

Rite Aid's big beacon rollout dominated the week's news, as NRF16 attendees debated value of the buzzword 'omnichannel.'

Looking for a little reading to wrap up your Friday? Below, our top stories from the past week — and our favorite links from around the web.

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5. Omnichannel Is A Stupid Word — And A Necessity

Sure, the buzzword has fallen out of favor. But building seamless online-to-offline experiences has never been more crucial, execs stressed in an NRF breakout session.

4. NRF16: Home Depot Balances National Scale And Local Marketing With Assortment Management

Home Depot Dilbert

The DIY chain has worked with Predictix for two years on streamlining its NatLo analytics on shopper demands.

3. CognitiveScale’s ‘Digital Brain’ Connects Retailers With Neglected But Valuable Data

The program is meant to help retailers build and use a database of customer profiles.

2. Estimote Raises $10M First Round As Proximity Marketers Tap VCs

estimote 2016

“Our main message today is that Estimote is not a beacon company; we’re a full stack location intelligence company building beacon and sensor hardware,” said Steve Cheney, Estimote’s co-founder and SVP of business and operations.

1. Rite Aid Preps One Of The Largest Beacon Activations Across All 4,600 Stores

“Ultimately, the message we have to give people is that there is a benefit from using the app and receiving beacon-triggered messages; we’re not looking to sell them things,” said Rite Aid’s Gerard Babitts. “That said, we’re focused on targeted advertising and targeted offers to people as part of our loyalty programs. So our ability to message people as they walk through the store is a real benefit for our shoppers.”


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