The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

This week had it all, from Elle Magazine's location-based success to Kevin Hunter's move to inMarket. Take it in!

Location-based offers are going to be key to drawing shoppers over the next crucial six weeks. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, here’s how the news is shaping up in advance of the holiday season.

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5. Message To Local Auto Dealers: Think Mobile, Close Attribution Loop

Auto manufacturers have made significant strides in terms of digital ad spend, but the question is this: Are the smallest local dealers — they of the radio jingles and plane-towed banners — able to leverage digital advertising to bring customers onto the showroom floor, and then attribute those visits in turn?

4. Elle Magazine’s Location Celebration: ShopNow Effort Drove Half-Million In-Store Visits

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“The in-market success of our Shop Now! program exceeded our expectations, and also achieved one of our major goals — to activate an initiative that would be a retail traffic-driver for our brand partners,” said Kevin O’Malley, SVP/Publisher of Elle, in a statement. “This unique first-to-market opportunity to merge Elle’s fashion authority with location-based mobile technology to inspire and inform the consumer when in market is a great example of the growing intersection between fashion/retail/tech and its consumer impact.”

3. Beacon-Based Coupons Quickly Emerge As In-Store Attribution Tool

Marchex and Digiday’s study, released at the very end of October, attempts to rank different methods of attribution based on their success rate, comparing things like mobile coupons, text offers, beacons, or shopping apps. What they found was that mobile coupons were far and away the most accurate method of attributing an in-store sale to a mobile ad.

2. Marchex’s Display Analytics Aims To Tell Retailers If Brand Ads Led To Calls

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The offering is meant to show that display ads aren’t just about generating immediate clickthroughs or creating brand affinity. For years, online advertising companies have been attempting to drive a stake through the heart of “last click attribution,” which essentially credits a sale or conversion with the final action a consumer has taken.

1. Beacon Platform inMarket Names Gimbal Co-Founder Kevin Hunter As President

Both inMarket and Gimbal can be considered pioneers in proximity marketing. Thanks in part to Hunter’s deal-making acumen, Gimbal won credibility itself early on, with a number of high profile partnerships. It was the Apple Stores’ first beacon provider of choice; it also was able to show off its reach beyond retail with expansive installations throughout AEG’s network of concert and sports venues, including The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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