The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

This past week had it all, from beacons in Turkey to major attribution developments. Take it in!

Looking for a little reading to wrap up your Friday? Below, our top stories from the past week — and our favorite links from around the web.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. GeoMinds: Growing the Proximity Industry by Educating Marketers

“Proximity marketing has taken location based marketing to a whole new level,” writes Proxbook’s Roman Kallas. “More and more proximity solution providers are starting to publish white papers with amazing ROIs from different marketing campaigns. But nevertheless, according to xAd’s Global location snapshot, 3 in 10 marketers worldwide said that the inability to measure success was their top concern with mobile location advertising.”

4. PlaceIQ Ups The Ante In Online-To-Offline Attribution Race

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.04.54 AM

PlaceIQ‘s update, Enterprise PVR, is being positioned as “the first in a series of enterprise products for PlaceIQ,” the New York company said in a release. Originally rolled out three years ago, the Place Visit Rate has generally been defined by PlaceIQ as a “a real-world KPI” that measures in-store ROI.

It’s not clear whether E-PVR will be a separate product available only to larger brands or if it represents a complete overhaul of the original metric solution. But what is clear that whether this is truly a “new product” or a just a “new positioning” for PlaceIQ, the company is continuing to directly challenge Placed and NinthDecimal for online-to-offline attribution.

3. Turkey’s Retail And Banking Sectors Move Beyond Beacon Experiments

“Two of the top retail companies we work with already have more than 100 beacons in many of their stores,” says Devrim Sonmez, beacon provider Blesh’s CEO. “Shopping malls have been embracing the technology from the start and they are especially interested in seeing the analytics and the heat-maps. Our beacons are placed at more than 100 malls now.”

2. Moasis Launches Location Platform To ‘Close Loop’ Around Delivery, Attribution

“There’s a problem in the ecosystem,” says Eric Nielsen, CMO at Moasis. “All of this fine regularity around audience insights and so forth is not being met with he corresponding capability to deliver for those audiences and with that precision in real time. There’s really no one out there operating a fully programmatic solution, along with the consumer insight and the [attribution component]. With Moasis, [we aim] to provide that under one stack — all of these components operating in real time and in a closed loop — so that no data is lost in translation and there are no significant lags in the system.”

1. Elle Magazine Teams With Swirl, ShopAdvisor, And RetailMeNot On Beacon, Geo-Fencing Program

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.28.06 AM

The Hearst pub’s ‘Shop Now!’ mobile feature connects consumers to selected brands using location-based offers.
“This program provides a great example of how beacon marketing can be used by innovative publishers and brand advertisers, working together with retailers, to enhance the physical store shopping experience,“ said Hilmi Ozguc, Swirl founder and CEO. “Elle has a rich history of using technology to bring fashion and lifestyle content to life, and this program represents yet another way in which they are creating value for consumers and advertising partners.”

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