The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

This past week had it all, from beacons on the road (!) to redefining cross-device success. Take it in!

Looking for a little reading to wrap up your Friday? Below, our top stories from the past week — and our favorite links from around the web.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5.  SMBs Now Spend More On Social Than Any Other Category

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Pinterest, social media seems to command everyone’s attention right now, so it should be of little surprise that these sites are also attracting more ad spending from SMBs than any other media channel, according to BIA/Kelsey.

About 72.2 percent of survey respondents in BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor, an ongoing insights report, say they’re using at least one of the 12 different social media platforms/formats. Overall, SMBs tell the local market researcher that they spend 23.3 percent of their advertising/marketing budget on social media.

4. With Find&Save App Update, Wanderful Media Renews Commitment To Location


“Marketers can’t continue to bombard customers with offers on their phone that are not relevant,” said Ben T. Smith IV, CEO of Wanderful Media. “Knowing where the customer is, and knowing where they have been allows you to get the specific, right offer for what they’re doing at the time and where they specifically are.”

3. engage:BDR Finds Clients And Consumers In A Mobile State Of Mind

The difference with engage:BDR’s approach is its tight connection to mobile and specific locations, says Ted Dhanik, the company’s co-founder and CEO.
“We can combine rich location databases with precise geo-targeting technology, not only to identify users’ locations, but also concentrate ads down to a 1/10th mile radius,” Dhanik says.

2. Mobile Beacons Bring Customer Engagement On The Road

Gimbal plans are to place Gimbal-supplied beacons on Do It Outdoors’ mobile billboards, along with other objects like Segways and brand ambassador teams. Advertisers working with Gimbal and Do It Outdoors will then be able to send ads and content to consumers who pass within a certain distance of the beacon through the advertiser’s mobile app.

1. GeoMinds: Redefining Success — How Advertisers Can Approach Measurement in a Cross-Device World

“Many marketers are caught up thinking about conversion rates and click through rates (CTR), but you should look beyond these to find more immediate metrics,” writes engage:BDR‘s Ted Dhanik. “For instance, metrics including viewability and time spent looking at creative can serve as a fairly good indicator of media quality, even if you can’t tie the impression to an offline sale. A consumer that spent 10 or 15 seconds with the creative is a lot more likely to be influenced than someone who scrolls past the ad.”

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