The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

Our top stories from the past week, from 'fakecation' photos to Google's Eddystone — plus link picks from around the web.

Looking for a little reading to wrap up your Friday? Below, our top stories from the past week — and our favorite links from around the web.

Link Picks of the Week:

5. Coupon Marketplace RetailMeNot Strikes Strategic Partnership With Placed

“This partnership signals to our retail partners that we value the importance of proving RetailMeNot’s ability to drive offline action, and we can do that through a well-known and accepted methodology conducted by Placed,” said Michael Magaro, RetailMeNot’s SVP for Corporate Development. “Retailers are realizing that their digital marketing spend generates a more significant return when they run promotions through RetailMeNot.”

4. KFC In Romania Helps Customers Troll Friends With ‘Fakecation’ Photos


The fast-food chain is urging Romanian fans to go in-store and and snap “fake vacation” shots using its tropical tray liners as backgrounds. With some careful Instagram cropping, boom — you’re on vacay.

3. The Future Of Retail Will Be Great For Consumers — And Retailers As Well

Is technology killing the traditional brick-and-mortar business? Nope. Here’s why.

2. GeoMinds: Get Ready For the ‘Big One’

“It’s been 20 years since the Internet was born as an ad medium, so we’re overdue for another storm,” writes Gordon Borrell. “This next hurricane is coming, and it’s coming fast. It involves mobile media. Even though mobile devices have been around a long time, they’ve lacked practical advertising capabilities. Until now.”

1. GeoMinds: Is Google’s Eddystone The Donald Trump Of The Beacosystem?

“When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show was squirming in ecstasy at the prospect of a cornucopia of endless material,” writes Stephen Statler. “As a consultant on the Beacosystem, I felt the same way when I heard about Google jumping in with both feet. The difference is what Google is doing is nothing to joke about. If there were any doubt about the importance of the Bluetooth beacons, Google just ended that.”

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