The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

Our top stories from the past week, from Facebook pranks to Google's Eddystone — plus link picks from around the web.

Looking for a little reading to wrap up your Friday? Below, our top stories from the past week — and our favorite links from around the web.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. Crisp Media Partners With Reader’s Digest Recipe-Finder To Geo-Target Native Ads

“Our research found that 86 percent of grocery shoppers use their mobile device to prepare for grocery shopping and 59 percent use their devices at the supermarket,” said Rich Sutton, CRO of the Reader’s Digest Association, the parent company of Taste of Home. “We can reach these consumers while they’re discovering, planning and shopping,”

4. Geo-Data, Generated Daily, Growing Exponentially — How Mapsense Keep Track Of It All

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.32.59 AM

CEO and co-founder Erez Cohen says that the proliferation of location data in recent years has propelled Mapsense forward. “Uber generates the same amount of data in an hour that Census does in years,” said Cohen. “The goal of our company is to build the tech to visualize those huge amounts of location data.”

3. Mobile Apps Used 5 Times More Than Mobile Browsers, Says Swrve

Swrve claims that mobile is the most popular channel for the 21st century consumer. But most customers no longer only shop online or only in-person, instead they use all channels available to them in a unified way. With that in mind, a strong mobile app presence is essential for retailers who want to capture the mobile audience.

2. Google’s Eddystone Is Certain To Boost Beacon Adoption

In terms of the underlying technology, observers don’t see much difference between Apple’s established beacon program and Google’s emerging one. The difference is in how quickly coverage will be extended to places where Apple’s iPhone penetration is behind Google’s Android, says Trevor Longino, head of Marketing & PR for proximity marketing company, which was among the several other beacon platform providers, including Estimote and Sense360, ready to connect its technology to the search giant’s new format.

1. ‘Customer Service’ Facebook Prank Highlights Importance Of Digital Presence Management

“This ongoing stunt demonstrates the challenges any brand faces in protecting their reputation,” says David Berkowitz, CMO at social media marketing agency MRY. In order to maintain a streamlined digital presence — giving customers the information they need and subsequently inspiring them to make purchases and visit stores — brands must have accurate listings, manage and respond to reviews, and deal with the aforementioned “trolls” who may opt to have a laugh at the expense of a brand’s reputation.

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