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Mobile coupon users will reach 97.4 million this year, according to a new eMarketer report. Plus, our top stories this week!

As marketers continue the quest to deliver deals to on-the-go customers, mobile coupons are about to get a big boost. According to a recent eMarketer forecast on mobile coupon usage, more than two in five companies in the US will use the tactic for marketing this year — and mobile coupon users will total 97.4 million.

It’s easy to see why marketers might be eager to jump on board. Mobile coupons are cheaper than paper coupons to distribute, and they also get redeemed unnamedmore frequently. And while traditional paper coupons still account for more coupon-related spending overall, most of the growth in the space is happening on mobile, as customers increasingly look to their phones and connected devices to meet all of their needs.

This desire to automatically look to a smartphone for help is a key factor in what is driving today’s on-demand economy — and the subsequent so-called ‘uberfication’ of everything. To keep up with customers’ need-it-now desires, more and more businesses are experimenting ordering app partnerships — or creating their own ordering technology and Uber-style tracking systems, like Pizza Hut. As customers come to expect on-demand responsiveness, such technology is becoming more and more necessary.

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Finally, onto our top stories from this week!

5. Toys “R” Us Adopts Mobile Visual Search To Guide In-Store Sales

Soon shoppers can snap a pic of a product with their phone to aid their online-to-offline purchase path.

4. ‘Uberfication’ Of Everything Means Good Things For SMBs, Local Economy

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.48.03 AM

The local on-demand economy is all about technology, urbanization, and millennials, BIA/Kelsey finds — and opportunities abound.

3. To Reach College Football Fans, Wendy’s Won With Video Dayparts Complemented By Geo-Targets

Video ad platform Sightly and its agency partner Strategic America’s campaign looked to the right time as well as the right place.

2. For Taptica’s Lead Gen Strategy, Local Focus Works Best, Even For National Efforts

Location often trumps age and gender when targeting certain demos, says Taptica‘s Sigal Bareket.

1. Ad Sales Workflow Provider Centro Adds DSP With Hyperlocal In Mind

Location and device IDs are supplementing the PC-based cookie for cross-screen targeting, David Kaplan writes.

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