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From LSA15: Location-based ads can't succeed unless paired with compelling creative — and vice versa. Plus, our top stories this week!

As demonstrated in the BIA/Kelsey report released this week,  location-based advertising is a big driver of mobile’s growth. But for mobile and location-based ads to achieve that growth more quickly, they’re going to have to prove themselves in the way advertising has traditionally worked: That is, by not relying strictly on data and targeting, but on high-quality, attractive, entertaining ads that tap into an emotional connection, not just an immediate real-time need. 

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Crockart and Kaplan at Wednesday’s panel

This emerging marriage of creative and science in the mobile space was the subject of a panel at this week’s Local Search Association 15 conference in Los Angeles (LSA15). Candyspace Media’s Greg Crockart and GeoMarketing’s David Kaplan discussed how companies like xAd and Thinknear, who have been traditionally thought of as location targeting specialists, are now carrying out the execution of creative as well. Likewise, creative agencies that are making mobile ads without understanding where and to who the ad is being served just can’t be as effective as possible.

Fortunately, high quality creative doesn’t have to be solely the province of Fortune 500 companies, the Crockart and Kaplan asserted. Smaller agencies who cater to smaller clients are helping SMBs to create ads that are comparable in quality to larger agencies. There’s room in the mobile world for companies of all sizes, it would seem, provided that they’re willing to evaluate both the creative and technical aspects of delivering a mobile ad that actually resonates with a consumer and incites them to action. 

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Finally, onto our top stories from this week!

5. Verve Mobile Names Digital Ad Veteran Nada Stirratt As Its New CEO

In selecting Stirratt, Verve has found a highly well respected and much-liked executive who can tell and sell the company’s story at a time of increasing attention on location advertising.

4.Target Marketed Its Lilly Pulitzer Line To A Fault

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Marketing overload? Target was not prepared to handle the demand its Lilly Pulitzer line rallied, and it sold out of products before most consumers could get any.

3. Placed Signs Up Six More Partners To Bring Programmatic In-Store

Vying to become the standard measurement for offline retail attribution depends on working with both buyers’ and sellers’ preferred platforms.

2. Grocery Stores Can Win Millennials With Mobile Convenience

Supermarkets may not be as sexy as restaurants, but they certainly don’t have to be comparatively stuck in the past, Nicole Spector writes. 

1. Verve CEO Stirratt’s First Priority: Sharpen Location Ad Message

In a conversation with GeoMarketing’s David Kaplan, newly appointed CEO Nada Stirratt discusses her plans for the future, which start with hiring a chief marketing officer to help enhance Verve’s identity and profile in the marketplace.

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