The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

The endorsement of Placed by six major media agencies could mean big things for geo-marketers. Plus, our top 5 stories from this week!

The big news in the geo-marketing space this week came in the form of six major media agencies announcing the adoption of geo-analytics company Placed as their “single currency” for measuring the impact of digital advertising on in-store visits. Read the release here.

These formal relationships seem to demonstrate that Placed — and insights into m-commerce and connected consumers’ shopping patterns in general — is moving from being an ad hoc service to being considered a permanent part of media buyers’ decision-making arsenal, and is likely to take on even greater importance in the future. For more on the deal, and Placed CEO David Shim’s thoughts, check out GeoMarketing’s coverage of the announcement from earlier this week.

In other geo news, here are a few of our favorite links from around the web this week:

And now, onto our top stories from this week!

5. Carl’s Jr.’s Tastebud-Teasing Texts

Carl’s Jr. hasn’t been afraid to get a little bold with its advertising; ads showing scantily clad women eating the chain’s burgers have generated plenty of talk. But when it came to getting the everyday customer in-store for a snack, something a little bit more subdued did the trick.

4. Napa Valley Wine Train Is All Aboard With Mobile Keyword Raffles


The restaurant-on-rails built its mobile user database with several mobile keyword campaigns.

3. Connecting The Beacon To The Purchase And Beyond

Beacons will drive in-store sales this year, but how can retailers know for sure when it’s the beacon technology that deserves the credit?

2. BrightLine Enhances Local Ad Tools For Connected TV

As consumers become more “screen-agnostic,” the streaming TV landscape is opening up more zip code-targeted ads. Nicole Spector talks to BrightLine‘s Mike Fisher.

1. Metamarkets Taps Factual To Help Build Location-Based Audience Profiles

The partners are promising marketers a “live view” into geo-targeted ad avails and data. David Kaplan talks to Metamarkets‘ CEO Mike Driscoll.

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