The GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown

The in-app ad economy is primed for some serious growth, recent findings suggest. Plus, our top stories from this week!

The mobile ad industry is excited for 2015 — and for good reason, it would seem. Millennial Media’s 2015 State of the Apps report revealed that developers and publishers want to take their apps further this year, and as they design for multiple devices and grow their user bases, the opportunities for in-app advertising are plentiful. Some key takeaways from the report:

  • 85 percent of developers and publishers monetize their apps and sites, up 12 percent from 2014. Of those, 82 percent use advertising to do so, up nine percent from 2013.
  • 69 percent of publishers make their inventory available programmatically, with the majority seeing increased revenue as a result of that choice.
  • 33 percent of developers and publishers allow video ad units to run in their apps, an increase of five percentage points from last year.

Findings from a NinthDecimal survey also support the in-app ad economy’s effectiveness; 70 percent of customers said that they tested out a new product as a direct result of seeing a mobile ad. That’s 49 percent higher than the number of people who said the same thing in 2013.

Borrell Associates’ 2015 Outlook on Local Digital Advertising drives home how important these developments are — and how crucial it is for marketers to keep up with them. Last year, 38 percent of all online advertising was through mobile. By 2019, the company expects it to be 70 percent. And the importance of targeting continues to grow; targeted display will comprise 59 percent of all digital advertising this year.

In other news, here are our top picks of outside pieces from this week:

And now, onto our top stories from this week!

5. Barneys Ads… Behind The NYT Paywall

All the luxury that’s fit to print — and shop for.

4. Victoria’s Valentine Secret Flirts With Mobile


The lingerie retailer added a little spice to its classic catalog by including accompanying app features.

3. Where To Begin With Beacons

Proximity marketing specialist Swirl has an “8-step program” to help marketers understand how to make the most of beacon technology. Nicole Spector listens in.

2. Mobile CPG Ads Appear Effective In Driving New In-Store Purchases

About 70 percent of consumers say they tried out a new product as a direct result of seeing a mobile ad, says NinthDecimal. That and other details from the company’s survey of mobile users, here.

1. For Rockfish, Location provides Inspiration

The digital agency aims to push boundaries in retail, CPG. Lauryn Chamberlain talks to CMO Dave Knox.

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