Ted’s Montana Grill Points To 10x Return On Ad Spend From GroundTruth’s Self-Serve Targeting

Mobile ads were "a new territory" last year, but it's one of the most valuable components of the brand's 2018 plan, says Ted Montana Grill Marketing Manager Derek Walls.

Location-ad platform GroundTruth has updated its self-serve geo-targeting tools and an initial test by casual dining chain Ted’s Montana Grill was able to lower costs while boosting foot-traffic.

The GroundTruth Ads Manager is is an update of the company’s MarketPlace Campaign Builder, which it launched two years ago when it was known as xAd. When it debuted, Marketplace was a key component in the now 9-year GroundTruth’s evolution from a mobile ad network specializing in “hyperlocal” to a mobile programmatic platform that offered a location-based self-serve buying, selling, and reporting product.

As all other major players in the location ad tech space have also added self-serve targeting products, GroundTruth hopes its revamp will help it keep pace following new additions in its sales and marketing team in the past two months.

In describing the evolution of the new Ads Manager a GroundTruth rep told GeoMarketing that the new tools come with additional features that extend to SMBs and smaller agencies, allowing them to activate all GroundTruth targeting and audiences through their own ops teams.

“There’s also no barrier to entry anymore,” the GroundTruth rep said. “Anyone in the marketing funnel, no matter the budget, can create, access, plan, and track ads purchased through GroundTruth.”

Ted’s Montana Grill, which has been quickly working to adopt a more mobile-centric ad strategy, appears convinced following an initial test of GroundTruth’s updated self-serve product.

“GroundTruth’s self-service platform gives us the opportunity to tap into sophisticated location data and targeting on our own terms,” says Derek Walls, PR & Marketing Manager for Ted’s Montana Grill. “Since joining Ads Manager, we’ve seen a 10x return on ad spend and can attribute mobile ads to actual restaurant visits, the ‘holy grail’ for any marketer.”

Mobile advertising was essentially a new territory for the brand last year, “and now we consider it to be one of the most valuable components of our 2018 plan,” Walls added.

GroundTruth noted that 7 out of the Top 10 Fortune 100 companies who use GroundTruth for managed services have tested out the revamped Ads Manager.

Marketers can use Ads Manager to target locations or individual stores rather than wasting ad resources targeting a broader 5-mile radius around an address, the company says. GroundTruth is also positioning the Ads Manager as an another way to use its Cost Per Visit ad format which “guarantees” ad effectiveness by only charging brands when an ad actually leads to a store visit., which GroundTruth, Blis, and the now-defunct Retale began rolling out a year ago.

“Location technology is incredibly valuable for marketers. It allows you to reach people based on their active behaviors, such as a store visit, versus a ‘like’ or search online that may never result in an action,” says Sunil Kumar, COO, GroundTruth. “With GroundTruth Ads Manager, we’re able to remove the barrier of entry to its benefits, and answer a very big demand among smaller and larger companies with exploratory budgets to plan via a self-service platform.”

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