Suretap Partners With Points, Integrating Loyalty With Payments Experience

‘Integrating loyalty into digital wallets can provide the added value consumers need to get on board with mobile payments,’ said Points’ Danielle Brown.

Mobile wallet provider Suretap has partnered with rewards specialist Points, integrating loyalty and mobile payments in a bid to provide a more seamless checkout experience for its customers in the Canadian market.

Danielle Brown

With this update, Suretap — which launched its payment solution this summer — introduces a loyalty section to its wallet app, powered by the Points loyalty network. Users can there store loyalty information from more than 100 different programs, making it easier to earn and use rewards. Simply, the addition of the loyalty section provides participating loyalty programs with additional exposure to Suretap wallet users and in turn provides current program members with new ways to earn and use their loyalty rewards.

“By integrating our loyalty technology into Suretap’s mobile wallet, we’re able to weave loyalty into everyday transactions and engage members in earn and burn opportunities wherever they already are,” said Danielle Brown, VP of marketing at Points. “This partnership allows us to further our mission of helping to make the world’s loyalty programs more valuable and engaging.”

As Brown put it, it’s a simple convenience issue: After all, loyalty points derive from visits and purchases, and it makes sense to use the same technology to deliver to deliver capabilities for both.

There is also the chance that it could boost mobile payment adoption overall. While mainstream acceptance is closer in Canada than in the U.S., the technology still isn’t universal.

“Though mobile payments are something we’ve been talking a lot about, not [all] consumers are actually making the switch to NFC transactions,” Brown said. There are a lot of reasons for this — infrastructure, security concerns, etc., but other overarching reason why adoption has been slow is that mobile wallets still need to prove their efficiency over traditional payment methods.”

Suretap and Points hope this is one way to do that. The more consumers can do with a single tap of their phone, the more likely they may be to replace their physical wallets with a digital one.”

“That really the point where loyalty comes in,” Brown added. “Integrating loyalty into digital wallets provides the added value consumers need to get on board with mobile payments. With loyalty programs incorporated into digital wallets, consumers are able to not only make payment transactions; they can also manage their loyalty programs, collect, and redeem loyalty points, and it’s all in one place.”

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