Starwood Retail Partners Creates Mall-Wide Rewards Program

Combined with a recent partnership with StepsAway, Starwood is looking to streamline the way customers shop at its malls.

Starwood Retail Partners, a mall operator, is launching “Oh, So Simple Rewards” with the help of rewards platform Spring, introducing a mall-wide rewards program including all stores on the premise.

Debuting on September 2nd, the program asks consumers to sign up at a kiosk in the mall and link one or more credit or debit cards to an “Oh, So Simple Rewards” account. When that card is used at any store located in the mall, customers will receive credit to their accounts. Customers will also receive notifications to their phones about what kinds of credit and rewards they’ve earned with each purchase.

For example, Starwood says that if a customer spends $250 at any store in a participating mall they will earn $10 credit to their accounts. That credit can then be used at any other store in the mall, unifying the rewards program across the entire mall.261697LOGO

“Being the first U.S. shopping mall to offer this type of innovative program is a key step in our ongoing effort to be the industry innovator providing powerful tools for retailers and improved shopping experiences for our mall shoppers,” said Laurie Paquette, Starwood’s director of asset management, in a press release. “This robust, efficient and easy to use platform delivers a performance-based solution to retailers that they can use with no risk. Consumers signed up for the program will literally earn cash rewards for shopping at Starwood malls and will receive personalized offers from their favorite retailers that work conveniently through their credit or debit card.”

Unification Efforts

Starwood was recently named as one of the participating malls in StepsAway’s Wi-Fi proximity marketing project, which allows stores in the mall to send a contextually relevant notifications and promotions to customers over Wi-Fi as opposed to relying on beacons or mobile apps.

Both StepsAway’s Wi-Fi strategy and Starwood’s mall-wide rewards program are ways in which the mall experience is becoming more integrated. Rather than a collection of stores each with competing ideas and promotions, the “Oh, So Simple Rewards” gives customers a wider variety of stores and rewards to choose from. Additionally, the two platforms could give customers more control over the way that they experience the mall and its retail outlets. With StepsAway, customers can only see the kinds of promotions and notifications they want to see and “Oh, So Simple” means they are not bound to a select few stores in order to earn rewards. They can shop anywhere and still get the same value as if they shopped at the same stores more frequently.

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