Square’s Dashboard Puts Analytics In Business Owners’ Pockets

The retail payments platform continues to expand its omnichannel management tools by giving ‘managers on-the-go’ more flexibility to run their business.

The “mobile-first” concept of making it easy to connect with consumers wherever they want is being extended to store managers with Square’s release of its Dashboard app, which allows small business owners to view and control their stores’ data on their smartphones while they’re “on-the-go.”unnamed-2

Square’s app Dashboard is aimed particularly at business owners who are running around to different locations, meeting with clients, making purchases and want to keep a constant eye on how their locations are doing. Dashboard will allow them to check a variety of statistics and analytics on their phones.

Business owners will be able to see what products are doing well and which one’s aren’t. They can compare their sales to the previous day, week, month, or year. They can also get real-time info on which of their locations is doing well and which ones are understaffed. With this information, Square aims to make it easier for owners to make smart decisions based on real data about their stores.

The introduction of Dashboard is a complement to Square’s App Marketplace, which debuted last fall. The San Francisco-based point-of-sale services company’s pitch continues to be aimed at SMBs who want access to the kinds of marketing cloud-based payment, accounting, and inventory management technologies that tend to be reserved for larger enterprises.

Checking-In To Your Own Storeunnamed-1

In its beta test, Square found that business owners who used Dashboard checked it an average of 12 times a day, almost once an hour. That frequency is essential to how Square wants their app to be used. Ideally, a business owner will be keeping constant tabs on every facet of their business so that they can quickly adapt to any challenges and concerns at a moment’s notice.

One business owner is already using Dashboard in this very way. “I get up, check my email, and check my Dashboard app,” said Sidecar Coffee owner Andy Fuchtman, in a statement. “If I see sales spiking, I’ll add a barista in real time.”

Square claims that more than 70 percent of businesses that use its card reader already use its analytic features. Making that available on a dedicated smartphone app should make those features even more accessible and valuable to businesses.

Square’s flagship card reader already makes running an entire business out of your smartphone or tablet completely feasible. Add to that Dashboard’s analytics capabilities and the idea seems even more prudent. By consolidating so many of the responsibilities of running a brick and mortar store into a mobile device, Square is helping SMBs bridge the gap between their physical locations and digital management.

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