Spotify: 60 Percent Of Music Streamers Now Listen On Mobile

Here's what brands aiming to reach connected listeners need to know.

With the proliferation of music streaming apps, mobile and audio are inextricably linked — and over 60 percent of music streamers are now listening on mobile, according to research from Spotify.

In fact, a reported 79 percent of audio consumption takes place while consumers are on the go, “engaged in activities where visual media cannot reach them,” Spotify stated in a Spotify for brands blog post.

Marketers already know that they need to be present in the “micro-moments” throughout a consumer’s day, in which they decide what they want to know, where they want to go, and what they want to buy — which means ranking highly in relevant search results as well delivering messages and content through a variety of mobile means. Tapping into the unique attention listeners pay to their audio services on-the-go can be one way to connect — based both on what they’re listening to and their location.

“Audio is uniquely immersive,” Greg Boyer, US Media & Entertainment Consulting Leader, PwC, told Spotify.  “It’s [true] with headphones on the subway or in the park with a wireless speaker.”

Brands’ bids to engage these customers through both customized playlists and targeted advertising on Spotify appear to be paying off: For example, Jack Daniel’s “Journey With Jack” branded playlist campaign created to celebrate its 150-year anniversary reportedly drove increased brand awareness, “outperforming benchmarks for other ads in their sector.”

Other key statistics from Spotify’s Power of Audio report, below:

  • Music streaming ad revenue is worth $1.5 billion, and it’s expected to reach a reported $7 billion by 2030.
  • The mobile moments in which people are “at work” and “working out” are key, having opened up $220M in ad revenue opportunity, according to Spotify and Group M’s 2016 study on “the streaming state of mind.”
  • It looks like it pays for brands to tune in now: Generation Z, the next demographic set to come into major purchasing power, is 54 percent more likely to stream music on their headphones than the general population — and that includes Millennials.
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