Snap Partners With Pandora On Song Sharing Integration

Pandora will be the music streaming launch partner for Snap Kit, Snap Inc's new developer platform.

Pandora has partnered with Snap as the music streaming launch partner for Snap Kit, Snap Inc’s new platform for developers — a move that sees both parties aiming to take advantage of the inherent “sharing” nature of the social platform to drive song shares and engagement amidst a difficult year of stymied growth for Snapchat.

While the developer kit allows app makers in general to bring core features of Snapchat to their apps, Pandora will be the official partner for bringing a “unique music experience” to all Snapchatters in the U.S.

Here’s how it works: Snapchatters will soon be able to send their friends original song cards via Snapchat that “celebrate album art on top of an animated background,” according to Pandora’s press release. Anyone who receives a Pandora song card through Snapchat will be able to swipe up to listen to on-demand, via Pandora’s Premium Access feature after watching a short video ad.

“This will be a powerful and comprehensive social integration with music,” said Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer at Pandora. “The Snapchat product experience and user base are primed for sharing, and our collaboration will provide a creative and compelling way to discover and enjoy music in a way that’s intuitive to Snapchatters.”

Social Song Sharing

While it remains to be seen if the launch of Snap Kit might be enough to help the troubled Snap resume growing again, the integration play may be a smart experiment for Pandora.

After all, it is likely to expose Pandora to a new and uniquely engaged younger audience that still prizes Snapchat — particularly valuable when considering the fact that Gen-Z consumers watch an average of 68 videos per day. They are also 33 percent more likely to engage with Pandora’s own recently launched Video Plus, which allows users to unlock features like Skips, Replays, and access Pandora Premium in exchange for interacting with a Brand.

“This new Snap Kit integration allows Pandora and Snapchat to marry scale and highly engaged… audiences,” Pandora said in a statement. “[This crates] one seamless feature that adds value to the user experiences on both platforms.”

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