Skyhook Wireless Brings Location Data To Narrative’s Wearable Cameras

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, the addition of geotagging might ad value to brands using IoT.

As GoPro-like camera sales rise, location services provider Skyhook Wireless is betting that consumers and brands will want to have their images come with geotagging attached to their images.

The company is partnering with Narrative, a Swedish company that makes wearable, GoPro-like clip-on cameras, to bring its precise geotagging to consumers’ photos.

Lots of social media outlets allow for geotagging posts. Some, like Foursquare’s Swarm app, have it as their main feature and embeds the location tags for developer partners like Instagram. It’s a key ingredient in a brand’s effort to use social media to geotarget consumers and derive intent – after all, if you know where a consumer is and what they’re posting about (“Going out to lunch,” etc.), you have a better understanding of how best to target them.

To capitalize on that, Skyhook, which already has a suite of other location services, is integrating their geolocating tech into Narrative’s newest model, the Narrative Clip 2. The camera is clipped on to a user’s clothing and synced with their phones through Bluetooth. The camera automatically takes photos at set intervals (managed through the app) and stores the in Narrative’s cloud server for later perusal. Users only need to open the app to immediately share those photos on social media.Narrative

Now, however, the Narrative app has it’s own recommended geotagging feature for users who want to add location to their posts, rather than having to rely on what’s available through the social media apps they’re posting through.

“We are proud of the sophisticated engineering work that allows us to deliver our precise and accurate location to the world’s tiniest camera,” said David Bairstow, VP of product at Skyhook Wireless. “We have created a unique location solution for wearables that’s focused on battery preservation and minimal data transmission and we are excited to team with Narrative to offer users the ability to create and contextualize their photographic memories.”

User-generated content is valuable not just for targeting the people that create it, but could also aid marketers who want to immediately detect activity related to their businesses, products, or services in a specific area. On social media, geotagged posts at a restaurant (the Narrative Clip 2 seems perfect for Instagram-worthy food pics) can then be reposted by the business’s social media team as part of an earned media strategy.

“The best moments in our lives are unplanned, and Narrative’s wearable cameras allow people to authentically and seamlessly capture those memories through photo and video in real time. But without context, the value of that content decreases,” said Martin Kallstrom, CEO, Narrative. “Through our collaboration with Skyhook, people will record these moments with higher precision in the location context — with a simple tap of a finger.”

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