SITO And LiveRamp Team Up To Bridge Offline CRM Data And Geo-Targeting

The integrating of data sets could help clients of both companies better time their respective ad delivery and marketing programs.

SITO's Jon Lowen
SITO’s Jon Lowen

Add customer relationship management to SITO Mobile’s location-based ad targeting arsenal, as the company is working with CRM specialist LiveRamp on connecting their individual consumer insights.

Marketers working with both companies can now use Acxiom-owned LiveRamp to add their offline customer records, such as email or postal addresses, to build better audience segments that SITO can target (and retarget) across mobile devices.

On top of that use case, SITO can also complement that audience group info with its analytics to expand a brand’s reach, enabling marketers not only to retarget consumers that have previously interacted with their brand, but also develop customer leads based look-alike segments.

“Savvy marketers are investing more in mobile to keep pace with changing consumer habits,” said Travis May, President and GM of LiveRamp. “We’re excited to help SITO Mobile clients increase conversion rates for mobile campaigns by connecting their data in new ways.”

The two already have several campaigns live, including one with a “large retail client,” said Jon Lowen, SITO’s EVP, operations and product development, though he declined to identify the brands currently working with his company and LiveRamp.

Aside from sharing their data — SITO’s smartphone-based location analytics with LiveRamp’s CRM intelligence, which is used by over 200 digital marketing platforms and third-party data providers — the two will also be able to partner on new clients. Since LiveRamp isn’t a media seller, there are a number of places where the companies’ abilities are complementary.

“It’s definitely an enhancement [for us],” Lowen said. “What we’ve done in the past for CRM campaigns is use location to find look-alike behaviors. What LiveRamp gives us is better one-to-one matching when it comes to targeting CRM efforts for companies we work with.

“For example, if we’re working with an auto dealership, LiveRamp might look for people in their datasets who appear to be up for renewal of a lease or in the market for a new car,” Lowen continued. “It expands what we can do in terms of connecting audiences with different kinds of messages.”

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