SimilarWeb Acquires Mobile Analytics Startup Quettra

The full team along with its user driven data points will be absorbed directly into SimilarWeb’s workforce.

Less than a year since its reveal, mobile ad startup Quettra has been acquired by London based analytics company SimilarWeb. Neither Quettra nor SimilarWeb have disclosed the total value of the deal, but Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch reported that it’s most likely a smaller cash deal, around $10 million and shares in the company.

Quettra, founded by former head of search at the Google Play Store Ankit Jain, will be completely absorbed into SimilarWeb, including all current Quettra employees, which includes former employees of other notable tech and ad companies like Microsoft and eBay.

The startup has been working on mobile data analytics and seeks special user data including brand affinities, inferred demographics, and data on users uninstall an app. All of those valuable data points will be integrated into SimilarWeb’s analytics to compete with other companies who offer a wide range of analytics. Predictive analytics has huge potential for the future, as we’ve seen with companies like Salesforce and InMarket all investing in it.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our platform and incorporate the best talent and were so impressed by the amazing technology that the visionary management team at Quettra was able to develop” said Or Offer, CEO and Founder of SimilarWeb, in a statement. “By joining forces, we will be able to provide the data that app developers need to better understand their own audience and make better monetization decisions by out strategizing the competition. Our goal is continued investment in the leading talent and technology to ensure we are the number one player in the mobile and app ecosystem.”

Quettra began fundraising last year and had some big names backing it, including CrunchFund, Google Ventures, and Sungy Mobile Limited, raising about $3 million. SimilarWeb also raised funds last year to the tune of $65 million and is looking to triple its workforce by the end of 2016, starting with the acquisition of the small team at Quettra.

“The digital intelligence space is fragmented with some folks focused on web, others on mobile,” Quettra founder Ankit Jain told TechCrunch. “As a marketer, or investor, or developer, you really want to go to one place to learn more about the ‘digital economy’ regardless of medium. That’s where both teams wanted to get to eventually and this merger helps us get there faster than we could individually.”

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