Retargeting Drivers At The Gas Pump Promotes Higher Ad Recall Versus Other OOH

GSTV chose SITO Mobile to help extend its video ads to the 60 million monthly viewers who pass through its service station kiosks.

Consumer spending analyst Experian Consumer Insights has contended that gas station media is recalled more than any other form of out-of-home video advertising, finding that such messages get three times more attention than  elevator media and six times more than out-of-home taxi ads.

As impressive as those stats are, By combining gas media’s rich video experience with the precision targeting capabilities of mobile, gas station video ad network GSTV believes it can do even better by partnering with geo-data specialist SITO Mobile on retargeting its 60 million monthly viewers after they pull away from the pump.

“Marketers are seeking high value mobility networks outside of traditional media methods to help them deliver effective messaging in an innovative way,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV, “and that is exactly what our partnership with SITO Mobile delivers.”

The plan calls for extending GSTV’s gas station ads to SITO Mobile’s location-based platform, creating an integrated, dual-screen media program that can identify and retarget consumers and measure cross-screen ad effectiveness. The GSTV/SITO Mobile combination retargets customers that are initially viewing GSTV at the gas pump with location-based ads on their mobile devices and follows future user behavior for measurement, attribution, and retargeting.

To backup its view that the recall of its gas station video ads can bring greater attentiveness from consumers, the two companies pointed to a study by NeuroInsight that found people who have been “primed” by digital OOH screens  were 48 percent more likely to respond to linked mobile ad campaigns than those primed by traditional television.

In the pair’s first collaboration, a campaign for an advertiser identified only as a “large CPG brand” used the GSTV platform and SITO Mobile’s retargeting and verification in a bid to generate awareness of its products’ benefits and drive consumers to its website.

SITO set up geofences in proximity to GSTV enabled pumps, and the campaign delivered display ads to GSTV viewers’ mobile devices while they were at the station and then retargeted those viewers after filling their gas tank. Ultimately, the campaign claims to have gotten a clickthrough rate 25 percent higher than the mobile industry average, which tends to be less than 1 percent.

“We are thrilled that GSTV selected SITO Mobile as their partner to power their cross-screen retargeting efforts,” said Jerry Hug, CEO, SITO Mobile. “GSTV… brings numerous customer relationships to SITO Mobile’s platform. With this new partnership, GSTV’s installed base of advertisers will leverage SITO’s location-based services, delivering ads across mobile devices and extending brand recognition. We look forward to growing this untapped channel by unlocking value for our new partner and their clients.”

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