Qualia and Ibotta Walk The ‘Last Mile’ For Conversion Metrics

Ibotta’s end-to-end data is the ‘holy grail’ of sales attribution, says Qualia CEO Kathy Leake.

Predictive analytics provider Qualia is partnering with “cash-back” app player Ibotta to provide cross-platform marketers with a more comprehensive view of the successes of their campaigns.

Qualia, formerly known as LocalResponse, will bring to the table its user intent data, which analyzes social media posts and other factors to gauge who is declaring a desire to purchase what and where they are. This capability can be used to analyze where marketers should concentrate location-based deals to target customers who are ready to spend at that moment.

Bijal Shas, Head of Ibottalytics
Bijal Shas, Head of Ibottalytics

On Ibotta’s end, they will be providing detailed data they’ve gathered from customers who use its app to get cash rewards on deals and promotions from a large variety of retailers. The data will come from Ibotta’s “insight product portfolio,” known as Ibottalytics. The app has over 10 million downloads and is integrated in over 40 different retailers. Ibottalytics can provide retailers with demographic, geo-location, and item-level purchase data.

“Ibotta’s unique platform allows us to aggregate a wide variety of shopper data,” said Bijal Shah, head of Ibottalytics, in a press release. “There’s nothing more powerful than the combination of Qualia’s commercial intent signals and our sales data to allow marketers to more efficiently target their advertising campaigns and effectively measure impact down to the item level.”

Going The Distance

Qualia is confident that the partnership, which it calls “first-of-its-kind”, will lead to better analytics and campaign evaluation for marketers, calling the sales data that Ibotta provides as a missing crucial element in similar analytics platforms.

Qualia CEO Kathy Leake
Qualia CEO Kathy Leake

“These precision analytics break new ground on what has long been considered the ideal, or ‘last mile,’ of measuring ad marketing performance,” said Qualia CEO and Co-founder Kathy Leake. “Ibotta’s end-to-end capability is the ‘holy grail’ of sales attribution and without a doubt exceeds the ‘mobile to in-store’ conversion analysis we’ve used to date.”

Qualia previously told GeoMarketing that it was interested in a holistic view of analytics, taking all sorts of different data points into account. The company intends to go “further than location and down to a product level to track and understand performance,” said a spokesperson. A partnership with Ibotta adds another angle of attack for Qualia to dig further into local retail analytics.

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