Point Inside’s StoreBoost Helps Brands Target App Users In-Store Via Search

‘When shoppers research terms like ‘toothpaste,' retailers can boost suggested results alongside organic search results,’ said Point Inside’s Mike McMurry.

Location-based platform provider Point Inside has launched StoreBoost, a mobile keyword search aid designed to help retailers show relevant products to consumers while they’re using a retailer’s mobile app or mobile web site in a store.

Integrating with the company’s existing StoreMode platform, StoreBoost allows brands to advertise within product search results, essentially functioning similarly to AdWords — but in a hyper-specific way, targeting only people who are using a mobile in-store shopping app.

“Shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices for inspiration, discovery, planning and saving during visits to physical retail stores,” said Mike McMurray, SVP Marketing and Business Operations at Point Inside. “Now, when shoppers research terms like ‘toothpaste’ in a retailer’s mobile app or on the mobile web, the retailer can boost suggested results alongside relevant organic search results. This experience can benefit shoppers by introducing them to brands, specific products or offers they might not otherwise consider, and enables brands to build awareness and engagement for new or existing products.”

With a majority of all consumers — and 92 percent of Millennials — looking to their smartphones for in-store product research, StoreBoost aims to help retailers make the most of this time, targeting shoppers with the right information and offers when they’re already close to the cash register.

In addition to allowing brands to target specific keywords, products, and the locations where they want to engage shoppers on mobile, StoreBoost will offer analytics and reporting so that retailers can monitor its impact on product engagement and physical sales.

“Search is a key part of a shopper’s inspiration and discovery process,” said Point Inside CEO Josh Marti, in a statement. “Boosted search not only benefits retailers, but also guarantees brands targeted and prominent placement for their products. Point Inside provides retailers with technologies that bridge the digital and physical divide by providing… and answer to shoppers’ two most important questions, ‘Do you have it?’ and ‘Where can I find it?’ With the new boosting technology, shoppers can now discover new and popular products and deals while they are in-store.”

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