Pitney Bowes, GE Partner On Predictive Analytics For Mailers

GE is planning on releasing its Predix software this fall; PB’s financial services and insurance clients are considered perfect test cases.

Global tech company Pitney Bowes and General Electric have teamed up to bring the latter’s data and insights software to the former’s retail and enterprise clients, which include large financial institutions all the way down to small businesses.

The aim of this partnership is to bring increased analytic capacity to big and small businesses alike so that they may better understand their email marketing efforts, along with better automation of those programs.

Roger Pilc, chief innovation officer of Pitney Bowes
Roger Pilc, chief innovation officer of Pitney Bowes

“Our partnership with GE will help accelerate Pitney Bowes’ pace of innovation in combining physical and digital solutions to enable commerce,” said Roger Pilc, chief innovation officer of Pitney Bowes. “It is an important step in a series of activities we are pursuing across Pitney Bowes as part of our technology strategy. By adding this next generation of data analytics and digital solutions to our hardware products, we will be able to drive more valuable solutions and business outcomes for our clients.”

Pitney Bowes claims that through the use of their new asset performance management (APM) applications, businesses “will gain greater visibility, increased productivity, [and] significant operational efficiencies.”

GE’s part of the partnership is to allow the integration of their predictive analytics system, Predix, into PB’s APM applications.

“Predix is the backbone of the Industrial Internet, and to have an established global technology company integrating it into their business is a huge step forward,” said Bill Ruh, VP of GE Software. “From improving efficiencies to impacting their bottom line, we expect these custom-built applications to have a significant impact on Pitney Bowes’ business by increasing productivity, shrinking downtime and improving the performance of its assets across the board.”

GE and Pitney Bowes are both members of the Industrial Internet Consortium, a group of companies working to advance the use of interconnected and Internet of Things technology. They focus on creating interoperability and a common architecture between internal retail systems and consumer devices like smartphones and tablets.

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