Pitney Bowes Adds Geo-Data And Mapping Tools To Unlock ‘Hidden Business Value’ Behind Every Location

The emphasis is on data visualization to help its clients act on the new location information, Pitney Bowes says.

Global tech company Pitney Bowes is adding a set of location-based marketing tools designed to help its clients take better advantage of data coming off of Internet of Things devices.

The “GeoEnrichment” software that PB is releasing widely has already helped online real estate information portal Zillow group get more insights on the 100 million-plus residential addresses it canvases for home prices.

“We selected Pitney Bowes location intelligence technology to help us deliver the most accurate information to our users,” said David Beitel, Zillow’s CTO. “Millions of people search for addresses on our websites and mobile apps every day. The cost of delivering incorrect data to consumers is high, as it can impact important decisions.”

The expanded use of mapping technologies by PB helps businesses better communicate with their customers, create more targeted promotions and pursue previously unrecognized cross-selling opportunities, said Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions at Pitney Bowes.

GeoMarketing: Are these tools new or updates of previously existing software tools that have been reconfigured?

Joe Francica: Pitney Bowes is launching new location intelligence solutions designed to unearth contextual insights to enhance the value of business data. Some of the software solutions in our suite have been in-market but they have been enhanced by entirely new capabilities. Other solutions within our suite are indeed new.

Those new solutions and features include:

  • GeoEnrichment solutions, which make it easy for clients to append additional attributes to every client record.
  • Powerful location analytics capabilities that integrate with the most popular BI solutions in the industry to provide advanced visualization and analysis. Our Spectrum Spatial for BI software is a server-based solution that provides the ability to create heat maps, point clustering maps, equidistant boundaries between points, and many others.
  • GEO APIs that provide resources to encourage commercial developers, as well as customers, to enrich their mobile and web applications with Pitney Bowes’ location technologies. These SaaS micro-services expose Pitney Bowes’ underlying geospatial technology and data to software developers for building mobile and enterprise apps.

This comprehensive suite, based on Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Spatial platform, can be accessed on demand, software-as-a-service, from the recently announced Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud.

How do you define “GeoEnrichment? and “Multi-resolution raster”

GeoEnrichment solutions enhance geographic data with authoritative information about people, places, and businesses.

As a foundation for GeoEnrichment solutions, we have launched our Master Location Data (MLD) database. MLD is a highly accurate database of location data for over 170 million, pre-geocoded U.S. addresses. MLD will serve as the foundation for the soon to be released industry data for property, risk, weather and many other types of information. By offering a pre-geocoded database, we’ve shortcut the time that it normally takes users to prepare data with address verification and validation. With the added attribution that is included with MLD, the data is immediately mappable and capable for location analytic applications.

Multi-resolution raster (MRR) technology make for a highly efficient storage format for multiple raster data types, including satellite imagery, gridded data (e.g. digital terrain models) MRR is a new file format included with Mapinfo Pro Advanced.

How would you describe the breadth and depth of Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence solutions?

Pitney Bowes has been delivering precise, accurate Location Intelligence for more than 30 years. We serve:

  • 24 of the top 25 P&C insurers in the U.S.
  • 40 of the top 50 wireless telecommunications carriers worldwide
  • Hundreds of government agencies around the globe
  • Clients in 125 countries, across 16 languages

Pitney Bowes is now taking this experience and expertise to the next level. We are utilizing internal location, demographic, and industry datasets from our shipping and mailing business, in addition to spatial databases to enhance the value of business data.

Today, Pitney Bowes has the most accurate location data for over 170 million U.S. addresses. Our global data portfolio of 350 products is key to geoenriching our client solutions. This is data that is multi-sourced and continuously improved, with the accuracy of each geocode designated. Master Location Data is so efficient, inclusive and precise, it can help analysts assess both big picture questions (like network optimization) and detail questions (like flood risks for particular properties).

How can companies like Zillow use Pitney Bowes’ location solutions to unlock the “hidden business value” of specific places?

Zillow Group houses a portfolio of real estate and home-related brands, including Zillow and Trulia. Millions of people search for addresses on their websites and mobile apps every day. With such a high cost of delivering inaccuracies to real-estate customers, correct information on the 100M+ residential addresses in the U.S. is of the utmost importance.

To unlock greater value, Pitney Bowes allows customers like Zillow to access real-time contextual insights that can be easily acted upon for true competitive advantage.

In addition to Zillow, what kinds of clients are primarily being served by Pitney Bowes’ location solutions? What categories of businesses are you looking to currently expand into?

In addition to Zillow, Pitney Bowes’ location solutions are being implemented across the telecommunications, insurance, retail, financial services, utilities and geosciences industries, in addition to state and local governments. Here are a few examples of companies that are using our solutions:

  • Leading logistics provider WiseTech Global is using Pitney Bowes’ geocoding technology to validate millions of global addresses entered into their CargoWise One platform. WiseTech Global CEO, Richard White, said “Our customers benefit from further enhancements in geocoding and physical address validation which can assist customs compliance and reduce the risks and costs associated with undelivered shipments. We selected Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum for its precision in global address validation.”
  • James River Insurance Company (JRIC), a Richmond, Virginia-based property and casualty insurance company, uses location technologies to manage risk exposure. “Even though you may not think there’s a location component to your risk, there actually is,” said Jonathan Weisenberger, data and analytics manager JRIC. “And it’s understanding how your risk exists within a market. Understanding how risk localizes can be beneficial, both from pricing the risk to get the business, to servicing the risk while you have it, to being responsive while managing claims and understanding how losses may be correlated.”
  • Willis Re is one of the world’s largest professional services firms specializing in risk management. It advises corporate clients, insurance carriers and reinsurance companies, helping to determine the best way to manage risk, as well as negotiating that risk with insurance and reinsurance carriers. As a global company whose clients have risks in more than 150 countries, Willis Re wanted to implement the latest in location-based technologies to deliver enhanced service to its clients, for whom profit margins on risk can depend on precise location detail. “The Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology platform has enhanced the service we offer to our clients by enabling them to make more informed decisions about their insurance and reinsurance costs,” said Nigel Lester, Executive Director, Willis Re.
  • Cominco Resources International is a privately held company engaged in the exploration and mining of minerals. “Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence software has helped every member of our team make better tactical decisions,” said Roderick Smith, Director, Cominco Resources Ltd.
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