Papa Murphy’s Selects Deloitte Digital To Speed Up Pick-Up Service

Starting in the first half of 2016, customers will be able to order online and be directed to a nearby location.

Papa Murphy’s, a pizza company that claims itself to be the “world’s leading take-and-bake pizza company,” has brought in Deloitte Digital to help revamp its website to better meet customers’ desire for a better on-demand experience.

The company’s business model is a hybrid between bake yourself — think frozen pizza like DiGiorno — and ordering a pizza at a restaurant. Customers can pick their own toppings and combinations, just like they would at any other store, and receive the assembled but uncooked pizza. A short stint in the oven later and you have a fresh home-baked pizza with all the hard parts taken care of and no risk of it getting cold on your way home.

But still, people want their pizza quickly. That’s where Deloitte comes in.

Papa Murphy’s hopes that Deloitte will help them streamline the digital ordering process and help customers find the closest location to them quickly and simply.

“Teaming with Deloitte Digital underscores our commitment to adopting the latest digital technology tools and methodologies to provide a more user friendly and reliable customer experience and enable the growth potential of precision marketing,” said Papa Murphy’s President and CEO, Ken Calwell. “At Papa Murphy’s, we are focused on delivering fresh, customizable, delicious pizza to help busy families solve the dinnertime dilemma and we look forward to launching a new ecommerce platform that will help further this mission.”

The first steps will be a complete redesign of the company’s website. Deloitte claims that customers will be able to customize their pizza, order it, and be directed to the nearest Papa Murphy’s location in order to pick it up. Papa Murphy’s hopes that the relaunch will roll out in the first half of 2016.

Papa Murphy's Current Location System
Papa Murphy’s Current Location System

“Papa Murphy’s puts the customer experience at the heart of everything they do and we are energized by the opportunity to bring the company to life online and help them create an engaging ecommerce platform that makes serving a home-baked dinner even simpler and more accessible,” said Mike Brinker, Deloitte Digital global practice leader. “At Deloitte Digital, we imagine, deliver, and run great customer experiences. For Papa Murphy’s, we are excited to deliver industry-leading capabilities for next generation pizza creation, advanced personalization, and precision marketing.”

For a company who relies on speed and efficiency, making your locations more recognizable and easily searchable with location-services is an excellent way to make sure customers stay engaged from their doorstep to yours.

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