Pandora Partners With Neustar On Understanding Identity Over Data

"In partnering with Neustar to build this custom onboarding portal, we can offer advertisers a new, effortless way to reach their customers on Pandora,” says Pandora's Dave Smith.

As advertising moves from personalization from mass communication, and from finite campaigns to targeting “in the moment,” Pandora and Neustar have teamed up on a customer relationship management program designed to help marketers reach “always-on” consumers.

Neustar’s OneID analytics platform will power a new data onboarding portal on Pandora. The promise to brands on the music streaming service is the self-service delivery of more “context-specific” and personalized — though anonymized — advertising messages to Pandora’s 76 million active listeners.

The collaboration also focuses on bridging online and offline consumer data. Brands can build unique custom audiences using a combination of their first-party data records and access over 2,000 audience segments that Pandora offers. This gives advertisers unprecedented reach and precision across mobile and desktop, all from a single platform for seamless audience activation.

“Brands have a rich treasure trove of CRM data at their disposal and of course, they want to be able to connect with their customers on the platforms where they spend most of their time,” said Julie Fleischer, VP, Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “Our best-in-class onboarding solution will provide Pandora advertisers with the audience data needed to deliver connected customer experiences, a true 360-degree view of the customer without any of the data loss, extra cost or waste that commonly comes with a multi-partner approach to onboarding.”

“Pandora is a platform where brands have been able to identify, expand and engage their known audiences through targeting solutions that can be activated with their first-party data for some time,” said Dave Smith, VP of Monetization and Yield Management at Pandora. “Our 100 percent logged-in user base allows us the unique ability to accurately deliver an advertiser’s matched audience at scale in an anonymized manner, on any media type, and across any platform. In partnering with Neustar to build this custom onboarding portal, we can offer advertisers a new, effortless way to reach their customers on Pandora.”

Both Pandora’s Smith and Neustar’s Fleischer offered additional thoughts on the value of the new alliance an an email interview:

GeoMarketing: Has Pandora and Neustar partnered on any initiatives in the past that look at how to use the streaming music platform to benefit brands’ CRM strategies and programs? 

The custom-built data onboarding portal powered by Neustar is new. In addition, Pandora has been executing database match campaigns for some time through other DMP partnerships, or through direct-data passes. See question 2 below in terms of benefits to brands.

Leveraging the Pandora platform, brands can both address their specific customer and target audiences across audio, display, and video ad formats and reach broader audiences based on their target characteristics.

What are the special characteristics about Pandora as a platform that makes this CRM program useful to marketers?

 Our platform is unique to marketers in that:

  • We have a persistently logged-in user allowing us to execute 1:1 deterministic matches to Pandora listeners and accurately identify them across the screen.  Once we know a fact about a listener, for example by onboarding data through Neustar, we can deploy that data on any device in any media format where we see that Listener.  This flexibility and scale is unparalleled in the industry.
  • We are the leader in audio and give marketers access to their audience through audio formats.
  • Provide marketers the ability to reach their customers via mobile in-app – we are #1 in mobile time spent.
  • Audience Explorer, our audience insights tool leverages our immense proprietary data to help marketers understand who their audience is on our platform that lead to data-driven recommendations that they can’t get anywhere else.

Does this partnership focus solely on Neustar clients? Or is the OneID system being offered to Pandora’s brand marketing partners as well? 

This partnership is open to any client including brand partners who are not integrated with a DMP and execute direct-passes to Pandora.

Is this viewed as a complement to the advertising on Pandora, or is this aimed at different marketers with very different needs? 

Pandora has been activating client data on its platform for some time, for upper to lower funnel campaign objectives and KPIs. Pandora is a platform that has a targeting solution to meet various objectives. Brands come to us to run awareness and prospecting campaigns, tapping into our extremely large and addressable audience. Clients also come to us with performance, direct-response KPIs that we can execute on.

Advertising is generally thought of as finite and campaign-focused, whereas CRM is considered a daily part of doing business. Does Pandora view CRM as a more viable marketing concept versus relying mainly on static ads?

It’s an important and valuable marketing concept that lives alongside specific campaign-focused buys – both have value at Pandora. With CRM, data is refreshed in near real time, and Pandora has the ability to continuously receive refreshed data to keep a client’s audience fresh for, say, an always-on loyalty campaign.  With that refreshed data, brands are able to reach their customers with the messages that will resonate the best based on their off-line interactions with the brand.

In today’s people-based marketing world, advertisers have a treasure trove of CRM data at their disposal, allowing them to create engaging and lasting customer experiences. Advertisers who keep their first-party data fresh and up-to-date will invariably achieve better marketing campaign performance and longer lasting customer relationships than those who do not.

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