Outfront Media Brings Digital Out-Of-Home To The New York Subway

Initial advertisers include big names like Foursquare and Coach.

The newest train station opened by the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority comes equipped with some sleek new tech designed to capture the attention of busy commuters, thanks to out-of-home advertising company Outfront Media.

Outfront will be supplying the train station with 24 separate, high definition, 65 inch smart displays running on the company’s own software and powered by apps. Outfront hopes that the app-based platform will give advertisers more direct control over how and what they advertise — and enable them to more easily catch the eye of on-the-go consumers.

“Outfront is proud to introduce our new digital displays platform that we believe will change both the way brands think about out-of-home and the way consumers interact with it,” said Jeremy Male, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Outfront Media. “We are delighted to be partnering with the MTA to introduce relevant, engaging, and smart media in this world class station. This launch is very exciting and we look forward to working with our clients to create advertising that will break the traditional barriers of digital out-of-home.”Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.38.29 PM

Digital display ads are a popular feature in the OOH world. Just yesterday, Walkbase partnered with Samsung on its in-store digital display ads. Bill Fleig, VP of Client Services at JUXT told Geomarketing that “[d]igital and connected devices have created an opportunity for anything to become a canvas for OOH.”

“We are excited that this 21st Century station, projected soon to be among the busiest in the city, features state-of-the art digital screens,” said Jeff Rosen, Director of Real Estate for the MTA.  “When the Second Avenue subway stations open, they too will feature all digital advertising; and over the next five to ten years we expect to see most if not all of our advertising inventory throughout the MTA system migrate from paper and vinyl to digital.”

The program has already attracted some big names, including Foursquare, Lionsgate, Turner, JetBlue, CBS, and Coach, who will all be initial advertisers when the screens launch. While the will initially show display ads only, Outfront promises that in the coming months and into next year the screens will grow in usability, offering livestream feeds, remote control of what content is showing, and real-time data and analytics. Outfront hopes to expand their digital displays from the subway station to “roadside displays, street furniture, and other markets adjacent to the out-of-home space.”

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