Opt-Intelligence Draws A Full Circle Around Email Marketing And Location Ads

For small businesses with one or two locations, geo-targeting is crucial in attracting the right customers.

When it comes to interacting with millennials — and getting them to actually come to a store — most brands think two words: social media. But a recent eMarketer report cited stats showing that this crucial demographic actually prefers email marketing from brands — and by a staggering margin on 41 percent. The tactic shows strong online-to-offline conversions with older age groups as well.

Opt-Intelligence — a lead-gen provider focused on helping national retailers and SMBs alike find new email subscribers — believes it is poised to help brands create valuable email interactions that convert recipients into new customers.

Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson

“By adding more advanced advertising technology features into our solutions including audience targeting and algorithmic optimization for higher quality email subscribers, we’ve really created some unique and powerful [tools] for email marketers,” says Craig Anderson, Opt-Intelligence’s president and COO. “Both big and small email marketers can locate and begin their relationship with really engaged consumers.”

Serving Up Subscribers — With Geo-Targeting

While Opt-Intelligence worked largely with national brands in the years following its 2003 genesis, Anderson says that the majority of the company’s growth today comes from small-to-medium sized businesses. A key reason for this is the increase in geo-targeting capabilities; with this, Opt-Intelligence is primed to aid local businesses in finding the right customers, based both on targeting location and behavior.

In a recent Opt-Intelligence campaign, Traditions 118, a family-owned restaurant in Granite Springs, NY, sought to generate 100 new subscribers per month for the establishment’s newsletter. To solve the restaurant’s challenges in attracting new customers, Opt-Intelligence created geo-targeted ad units that invited users to sign up and receive email messages.

The campaign resulted in meeting the restaurant’s goal of gaining 100 new subscribers in one month, and 18 percent of those local subscribers redeemed the first coupon sent by the Opt-Intell ads. Anderson believes that the high success rate speaks to the importance of using geo-targeting to deliver not just a hoard of new email subscribers, but the right subscribers.

“Without geo-targeting, we couldn’t serve a large portion of the small business world we’re working with today,” Anderson says. “When we work with companies like Traditions 118 where it’s a single location, sole proprietorship, they just want to target the radius around their zip code, because those are the people who are going to come in. Using geo helps to make the sign up invitation so much more relevant to the consumer.”

The Future Of Automation

As Opt-Intelligence looks to the future of email marketing, Anderson also sees a lot of potential for growth due to the increase in marketing automation systems — particularly when it comes to their growing adoption among SMBs looking to draw customers into stores.

“It’s just really fascinating to see marketing automation platforms becoming much more accessible, not just for enterprises but also for smaller businesses,” Anderson says. “Our goal is to make our solution really a seamless integration with the email marketing automation tools our clients are using. I also think that email marketers have become much more aware of the importance of geo location as a segmentation criterion, and I think that we’re [going to keep seeing] a lot of our clients embrace it and frankly request it.”

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