Opt-Intell Teams With ExpertSender To Streamline Lead-Gen, Campaign Management

By integrating with campaign management platform ExpertSender, the company hopes to simplify the email marketing process for its SMB clients.

Email list builder Opt-Intelligence is partnering with ExpertSender, a browser-based campaign manager, in a bid to streamline the one-to-one marketing process for retailers.

By integrating Opt-Intell’s lead generation services with ExpertSender’s campaign management capabilities, the two companies are aiming to help clients — particularly small-to-midsize businesses — to drive in-store visits from new subscribers more seamlessly.

“Both Opt-Intelligence and ExpertSender share a passion for innovation and evolution in the way businesses use email as a tool to market their products and services,” said Craig Anderson, Opt-Intelligence’s President and Chief Operating Officer, in a statement. “One of the key differentiators in this integration is the ability to automatically import new subscribers into the ExpertSender platform. Email list growth is now [easier, more affordable], and highly scalable for businesses using ExpertSender.”

The integration connect both companies’ clients. For example, an SMB using Opt-Intell’s LeadServe tool can choose ExpertSender’s offerings from a drop-down menu when asked where to send new subscriber details. The system automatically uploads all new subscribers to the user’s ExpertSender account. The LeadServe user then indicates the amount he or she is willing to pay for a new email subscriber, and only pays when a consumer opts in to become a subscriber.

Essentially, the move aims to simply provide a smoother way for businesses to use digital tactics in order to find new customers and get them to visit a store. By employing digital — in this case, email — marketing through the partnership to target the right potential subscribers, businesses can expand their reach — and then manage marketing campaigns aimed at those subscribers more easily. And they can do so in a cost-effective way, given that a user only pays when a consumer actually opts in.

“Through this advanced integration, Opt-Intelligence will enable ExpertSender clients to [better] grow their email list with highly targeted engaged subscribers,” said Rob Massa, Opt-Intelligence’s CRO.

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