OpenTable App Integration Set To Expand Mobile Payments For Diners

Following the integration with NCR, partnering with the growing OpenTable is more likely to help restaurants boost loyalty — and to build a compelling digital presence.

OpenTable has teamed up with point-of-sale payments processor NCR, to expand the reservation app’s mobile wallet options to more restaurants as the idea for taking care of a dining tab with the click of a smartphone is starting to become more mainstream.

Pay with OpenTable

The move will bring Pay with OpenTable — which is currently available in almost two dozen cities and restaurants across the U.S. and is used through the company’s native app — to NCR Aloha customers in the second half of this year. The payments alliance will also help OpenTable keep up with competition from the likes of its sometime partner Yelp and emerging app-based services like Sosh and Cover, which are working on their own respective reservations/pay-as-you-dine offerings.

To use Pay with OpenTable, diners simply add a credit card in the app before they dine, and then can view and pay their check on their smartphone instantly. This technology streamlines the checkout process for diners — a relief to anyone who has ever waited a long while for a check — and gives users the need-it-now functionality that they’ve come to expect from their apps.

After all, in today’s on-demand economy, consumers gravitate toward apps that allow them to get what they want, the moment they want it — call it part of the ‘uberfication’ of everything.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve communication flow between our guests and their server,” said Jon D’Angelica, co-owner of restaurant District that has been piloting OpenTable and NCR’s integrated solution, in a statement. “We feel enabling them to pay on their smartphones will help do this and create a better customer experience.”

And for restaurants that partner up with OpenTable, the benefits can extend beyond the aspect of simply building loyalty. The platform is another venue for discovery by consumers, who are more likely than ever to find a restaurant through online search.

This points to the growing importance of Digital Presence Management, a concept and discipline that encompasses the comprehensive organization of retailers’ omnichannel marketing operations, beginning with ensuring that their vital information is seamless and discoverable across all interactive media channels.

A listing on OpenTable — which currently seats 16 million diners per month — is one part of that. And with the recent NCR partnership indicating that the company is poised to become a bigger player in the mobile payment space, its value to restaurants is set to increase.

“The integration with the NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution makes the OpenTable mobile payment experience more widely available and [more valuable],” said OpenTable CEO Matt Roberts. “We’re excited about working together to power a payment and dining experience that is intuitive and elegant for both diners and restaurants.”

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