One Year After ReachLocal Partnership, Auto Repair Shop’s Revenues Rise 260 Percent

ReachLocal helped the Santa Clarita service center drive greater discovery through searches in maps, social media, and local directories.

In 2014, John Wright acquired an automotive repair and retailer in Santa Clarita, California called G&M Auto Repair. What he found was sufficiently successful in its field but wasn’t growing in the way he wanted. Wright looked to ReachLocal, a location-based retargeter and marketer, to strategize how to make the company more visible for the Internet-savvy demographic.

Wright was familiar with ReachLocal through his previous company that used it for online marketing; so he knew what he was getting into when he brought them on. “I hired ReachLocal because I wanted more people to know who G&M is and what we offer,” said Wright.

Discovery And Differentiation

One of the main avenues of recognition Wright and ReachLocal was its SEO prospects. A quick search on Google shows a number of other businesses with a similar name: G and M Restaurant, G&M Riding Club, G&M Building Supply, etc. Wright wanted his business to stand out to people searching for auto repair online. ReachLocal’s strategy was to help identify keywords that would increase the shop’s searchability, particularly through maps, local directories, and social media.

ReachLocal used three of its products to raise its digital presence and profile: ReachSearch, ReachSEO, and ReachEdge. ReachSearch was used for search engine marketing and ads, while ReachSEO was employed to increase leads and conversions of customers from organic search; lastly, ReachEdge was the tool for redesigning G&M’s website in the hopes of driving additional visitors and turning them into actual sales. ReachEdge also demonstrated ROI analytics that Wright and his team could use to measure the success of this and future campaigns.

Repairing Auto Search

In the year since Wright and ReachLocal partnered, G&M can point to clear ROI when it reviews its sales figures. Wright has reported an increase in monthly revenue from $25k to $90k — a gain of 260 percent — and a one-in-five conversion rate from search hits.

“My experience with ReachLocal has been extremely good,” Wright said. “If I have a problem, I can email my sales representative, call his cell or call his partner,” said Wright in a press release. “We get together and figure out what’s going on. Whenever I need an answer I get one, and that’s what counts.”

G&M’s Time Warp

ReachLocal has experience in bringing success to SMBs who may have reservations about fully diving into mobile or SEO. Last year the company helped a San Francisco Toyota dealership begin a mobile ad campaign and turned the Museum of Life and Science in Durham into a bonafide event space through search engine advertising room rentals.

“ReachLocal took my business from 1981 to 2015,” said Wright. “If I didn’t use them I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t have as many people working in the shop or as much revenue.”

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