Offering Retailers A Defense Against Amazon, Oracle Marketing AppCloud Adds Swirl Networks

It's all about building better bridges between online and offline marketing for retailers, says Swirl's Rob Murphy.

Swirl Networks has been tapped as a “Silver level member” of the OraclePartnerNetwork, as the cloud-based marketing software system expands its a mobile presence applications for retailers.

The alliance comes less than a month after PlaceIQ and Oracle Data Cloud’s BlueKai Marketplace came together to develop “a new model of consumer behavior by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices” based geo-data analytics.

In-store proximity specialist Swirl, which rolled out its Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform this summer, will be available to Oracle’s clients on the enterprise software company’s Marketing AppCloud system.

Bridging Online And Offline With Mobile Signals

Swirl’s Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform for Oracle Marketing Cloud enables marketers to improve performance by leveraging in-store shopper behavioral data to target and personalize the digital content and messages they deliver with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

“Swirl is the only mobile presence platform that is integrated with the Oracle Marketing cloud, so it’s great validation of the technology and product that we have developed,” Rob Murphy, Swirl’s VP of marketing, tells GeoMarketing. “For the industry, this announcement provides further evidence of the growing role that mobile presence and offline behavioral data are playing in omnichannel strategies being implemented by leading enterprise marketers.

“As retailers continue to invest in building capabilities that allow them to understand and serve their customers across every channel, mobile presence technology plays a key role in bridging the digital and physical worlds,” Murphy adds. “With more than 90 percent of retail sales taking place in physical retail stores, offline customer behavioral data is critically important to developing a full understanding of the needs and preferences of consumers.”

Among the elements of the partnership between Swirl and Oracle:

  • Deliver personalized mobile messages and content to consumers while they shop at specific locations in and around their stores
  • Gather customer feedback through digital shopper surveys delivered automatically to shoppers as they leave a retailer’s store
  • Retarget shoppers with personalized emails or online ads after they visit a physical retail store or specific department within that store
  • Measure the effectiveness of owned and paid media in driving store traffic

Arming Bricks Against Clicks

For the most part, Swirl has been aiming its pitch to retailers with a simple, straightforward argument: Amazon — and the showrooming that e-commerce represents generally — requires that brick-and-mortar brands fight back using the same digital immediacy consumers expect.

“Much has been written about how Amazon’s advanced use of customer data and personalization have been important components of its success,” Murphy says. “With the integration of Swirl’s Mobile Presence Platform to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, enterprise retailers can take advantage of their physical stores as a key strategic asset in their cross-channel marketing efforts. In the very near future, physical stores and mobile presence could become the linchpin to many a retailer’s omnichannel success.”

Swirl’s integration with Oracle also reflects other developments in the uses of location technology, Murphy says.

Google’s plan to enable the massive audience of Android smartphones with its Nearby feature means that the challenge of addressable audience has essentially been eliminated. Plus, Murphy says, “the runaway success of Pokémon Go has opened every marketer’s eyes to the enormous potential and power of location-based mobile marketing.”

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